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Concerning Workplace Accidents

Most people envision a workplace accident as a slip and fall, a back injury from lifting, a burn injury from fire or an explosion. Many on the job injuries, however, result from repetitive motion over a long period of time such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Occupational or work related illness comes from long term exposure. A supervisor or manager may not take such an injury seriously or may be uncooperative if there is no witness to an accident or injury. Due to the limited amount of time an injured person has to make a claim any delay may make it impossible to obtain the full compensation which may be available. With any serious workplace injury it is important to consult a Palm Springs personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your future.

Workplace Accident Lawyer Serving Palm Springs

An on the job injury is covered by workers’ compensation which should entitle you to the benefits provided you report the injury quickly. Some employers attempt to make it very difficult, even unsafe to file a workers’ comp claim. Not following the regulations may result in a denial of a claim A workplace accident lawyer with our firm has experience in various types of injury accident such as:

  • Construction accidents
  • Slip & fall
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Burns and explosions
  • Toxic exposure
  • Defective product accidents
  • Automotive product liability
  • Wrongful death

The legal team at our firm has decades of experience in assisting an injured worker to receive all the benefits he or she is entitled to. Where an injury has been caused by a third party there may be additional compensation due. An experienced personal injury lawyer will investigate the cause of your accident to ensure you receive full compensation. Call Pacific Attorney Group to discuss your case.

Contact a Palm Springs workplace accident attorney at the firm for assistance with filing a claim concerning your accident.