California Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is not a subject that can easily be touched upon. No one likes to hear about how their loved one was mistreated or hurt. When you place the care of your loved one to a nursing home or assisted living facility, you want to know that you are putting your trust in the right place. Unfortunately, however, nursing home abuse is not uncommon, and can be the cause of your family member’s pain and suffering.

Nursing Home Abuse


Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect your family member of suffering from nursing home abuse, there are several signs to look for. These include:

  • Physical injuries, including bruises, abrasions, or bed sores
  • Bloody or stained clothing
  • Visit times are delayed or rejected
  • Frequent arguments between caregivers and loved ones
  • Poor hygiene
  • Hazardous or unsafe living conditions
  • Constant thirst and hunger
  • Soiled bedding
  • Weakness or inexplicable weight loss
  • Sudden personality changes
  • Uncharacteristic anger, lack of interest, depression, or anxiety
  • Fear of being alone

Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys can Help

If you suspect your family member is being abused or neglected by their nursing home care providers, consulting with a nursing home abuse lawyer can help determine whether or not you have a claim. Your family member might be at risk for suffering injuries as a result of the abuse they receive at these so-called “care” facilities.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms, ranging from emotional trauma to physical assault. No matter what form of abuse your family member suffers, they could be exposed to suffering even worse dangers and serious complications. These can include:

If you suspect your loved one of being mistreated at a nursing home or care facility, don’t stand by quietly. Speak up and fight to protect your family. Talking to one of the nursing home abuse attorneys is completely free. We offer complimentary consultations at no obligations, so you don’t pay a dime for our services.

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Our nursing home abuse attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of innocent victims. If you know that your loved one is being mistreated at their nursing home or assisted living care facility, we can help you achieve justice and compensation for their pain and suffering. Call us today and find out how we can help.

Nursing Home Abuse and Malnutrition

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

The symptoms that can be warning signs for the existence of nursing home abuse are countless. In some cases, nursing home abuse results in physical violence which leaves very visible and noticeable signs, such as bruises, lacerations and welts. In other cases, however, the act is passive instead of aggressive. This can lead to less noticeable symptoms, however, they are no less serious. For example, should a patient at a nursing home abuse be neglected and not given the necessary amount of nutrients the results can be catastrophic.

Malnutrition refers to the medical condition of the human body when it does not have the necessary amount of nutrients to perform. In some instances, a person may be receiving enough food, but could be receiving low-quality food that is low in nutritional value. In other cases, they could be receiving the amount that they need but could be suffering from a medical condition that keeps them from digesting it as necessary – if neglected, the staff might not recognizes these signs and could leave it undiagnosed.

Malnutrition: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The symptoms of malnutrition are varied and will largely depend on the cause of the malnutrition in the first place. Some of the most common symptoms, however, include rapid weight loss, lethargy and dizziness (especially when one stands up too fast). Beyond this, symptoms can include everything from bleeding gums to aggravated osteoporosis, sluggish reaction time, organ failures, swollen abdomen and dry skin could all be warning signs that malnutrition is occurring.

In most cases, a doctor will be able to diagnose malnutrition through a serious of simple tests and workouts. This could involve blood work. Thankfully, malnutrition typically has a positive outlook and should it be caught quick enough. By treating the symptoms of the condition, supplementing the previously lacking diet with the missing nutrients and by helping correct any other medical conditions, a person who is found suffering from malnutrition may be able to return to full health once more.

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If you suspect that your loved one has become a victim of nursing home abuse, it is extremely important that no time is wasted in getting the involvement of an experienced personal injury attorney. At Pacific Attorney Group, we have over three decades of cumulative attorney experience that we are prepared to put to work for our clients. Should you choose to work with us, you will be able to be confident knowing that we will go the distance for you – investigating the situation and taking all necessary courses of action to help them obtain their desirable outcome.

LA Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse and neglect are unfortunately a relatively common occurrence throughout the United States. In fact, it is estimated that one in three nursing homes is affected by some form of elder abuse or neglect. This may include physical abuse as well as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or even financial abuse. In these cases, the victim and/or family of the victim may be able to take legal action against the caregiver or facility responsible for causing harm.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect may stem from understaffed and overcrowded facilities as well as from negligence in hiring and training personnel. Budgetary concerns may cause a nursing home to cut corners in regard to hygiene, medical care, medicine, and nutrition. Our law firm handles all types of LA nursing home abuse claims and lawsuits, including those involving intentional wrongdoing as well as negligence.

Following are some of the types of cases we can handle in this regard:

Physical Abuse
One of the most common forms of abuse experienced by the elderly is physical. This can result in bruises, lacerations and other forms of injuries. If your loved one is experiencing assaults while staying at a nursing home or if you have reason to believe they are being victimized, act immediately.

Sexual Abuse
Another form of abuse that is experienced in nursing home facilities is sexual abuse. In many cases, this may occur from an abuse of a position of power, from patients being overmedicated and unable to protect themselves or those who are suffering from mental issues rendering them unable to consent.

Emotional Abuse
Not all abuse needs to be physical. In fact, some of the worst damage can come from staff at nursing home facilities emotionally abusing patients. This can come from yelling, belittling or even ignoring them entirely. This can leave the victims withdrawn, anxious and fearful.

Financial Abuse
A final form of abuse suffered from patients at nursing homes is the abuse of finances. When put in charge of accounts, caretakers may embezzle funds, skimming a personal profit off the top or making financial decisions that benefit them but do not benefit the actual owner of the money.

When a person is left to lay in bed for too long, it can cause pressure on joint that are not designed to sustain that type of constant contact. If they are not moved over regularly and looked after, bedsores can develop on these areas; these are also referred to as pressure ulcers and are painful and vulnerable to infection.

Improper Hygiene
Proper cleanliness is vital to the health of residents of nursing home facilities. Should the staff fail to keep them clean or fail to clean the environment around them, it can result in serious illness and even death caused by exposure to viruses and bacteria.

Without the proper amount of water, elderly people in nursing homes can quickly become dehydrated. Common symptoms for this can include dry mouth, cramps, upset stomach and lightheadedness. If not caught quickly, it can result in organ failure, coma and even death.

Whereas some facilities may fail to medicate their patients entirely, others may purposefully give too large of a dosage. This may be to keep patients complacent and leave them dosed up and numb. When like this, the staff may have an easier time controlling them by seriously jeopardizing their health and well-being.

If not fed enough or if fed cheap food that is thin in nutrients, staff can leave patients malnourished. Warning signs for this include bleeding gums, osteoporosis, organ failure and a swollen abdomen. If not treated, it can cause the body to systematically shut down and can eventually lead to death.

Wrongful Death
If a patient has been abused or neglected, it can cause serious and even fatal injuries. If you have lost a loved one to nursing home abuse, it is important to remember that you have grounds to file a claim. Get the involvement of our firm and we will stand up to fight for justice on behalf of you and your family.

No matter the symptoms that your loved one is exhibiting, the type of abuse that they have been victimized by or the circumstances of their case, it is extremely important that no time is wasted in getting the involvement of a knowledgeable attorney. At our firm, we know just how much is on the line with these types of cases. By filing a claim, not only are we helping you recover just compensation, but we take a step toward stopping this type of abuse happening to another.

Taking Legal Action Against LA Nursing Homes

In filing a civil suit for nursing home abuse or neglect, the victim can seek justice while working to recover financial compensation for medical care as well as other damages. At Pacific Attorney Group, we have over 35 years of legal experience to use as we build a compelling case on your behalf. Our attorneys believe that nursing home abuse should be stopped, and we work to do so, one client at a time. For this reason if you see signs of abuse or signs of neglect, do not hesitate to contact a LA nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm. We are here to help.

Bedsores and Nursing Home Negligence

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Bedsores may be a sign of neglect in your elderly loved one’s nursing home. A bedsore, also called a pressure ulcer, is an area of the skin that is broken and may be infected, caused by unrelieved pressure, medication, humidity, medication, friction, or possibly age. Bedsores may develop on any part of the body but are particularly common on portions of the skin over bony areas or cartilage, such as the elbows, knees, elbows, or base of the spine. Bedsores from unrelieved pressure (as in the case of a bedridden patient) are preventable and may be treated fairly easily if caught early enough.

Untreated, however, bedsores may lead to infection and serious injury or death. In a nursing home, bedsores may develop if an elderly patient is bedridden and is not turned regularly to prevent continual, unrelieved pressure. If you have noticed that your elderly loved one is suffering from bedsores, please contact a lawyer at our offices as soon as possible. We can talk to you about this situation and determine whether you can file a lawsuit against the facility where this occurred.

Negligence in Nursing Homes Can Lead to Bedsores

A nursing home or caregiver at an assisted living facility may be negligent in allowing bedsores to develop in the first place or in failing to discover and properly treat these lesions. In these cases, you may be able to work with an attorney to take legal action against the facility in civil court. Penalties will be monetary in nature, meaning you may be able to recover financial compensation for your loved one’s injuries or for your loss. This can serve to bring the nursing home to justice for its negligence and also help you pay for medical expenses, rebuild, and recover.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Identifying Abuse at Nursing Homes

If you have a loved one who is in a nursing home or assisted living facility, there are particular signs of nursing home abuse for which you should be on the lookout. Frequent visits to the facility and talking to your elderly loved one can help you stay in a position where you will notice these signs as quickly as possible. If you do observe any signs of abuse, we highly recommend contacting the proper authorities and consulting an attorney as well. It is important to take action to stop the abuse and also to see what legal recourse you may be entitled to in bringing the abusive caregiver to justice.

Following are some potential signs of elder abuse that may occur:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Unreasonable physical restraints
  • Depression and withdrawal
  • Fear of a particular caregiver
  • Significant change in attitude or behavior
  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Broken bones, dislocations or sprains
  • Continued and consistent bruising or other injuries
  • Reports of being physically restrained, slapped or mistreated in any way
  • Signs that they have been restrained, such as marks on the wrists or ankles
  • A caregiver who refuses to let you see your loved one alone
  • Torn or stained clothing or undergarments

Talk to a nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Abuse may take on different forms – emotional, sexual, or physical – and as such it is crucial that you are aware of any changes in your loved one physically or emotionally. Your initial consultation with our firm is free. At this time, we can review the situation and see what we can do to assist you. With our help, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the individual or facility responsible for your elderly loved one’s injuries.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Much like nursing home abuse, neglect is serious. When the elderly loved ones in the care of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not properly cared for, this may result in serious illness, injury, or even wrongful death. Although direct physical or sexual abuse may not be occurring, negligence can be just as harmful.

This is why it is important to look out for potential signs of neglect, such as:

  • Bedsores
  • Weight loss
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Untreated physical injuries or illnesses
  • Lack of proper personal hygiene
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Dirty or unkempt clothing
  • Negligently maintained property grounds
  • Accidents, such as slip and falls or similar occurrences
  • Wandering due to negligence in watching the elder resident
  • Lack of proper medical treatment
  • Abandonment

Staying in close contact with your elderly loved one and visiting the facility frequently are ways that you can stay informed regarding his or her treatment at the nursing home. If you observe any signs of neglect or feel that the caregivers or facility are being negligent in any way, please do not hesitate to talk to a nursing home negligence attorney about your concerns. A lawyer can look further into the matter and can help you take legal action against the facility for physical and emotional injuries.

Our Lawyers Help Victims of Nursing Home Neglect

At Pacific Attorney Group, we believe you deserve the best opportunity of taking legal action and successfully seeking justice in the wake of nursing home neglect or elder abuse or neglect of any kind. That is why we offer a free initial case evaluation with a competent attorney at our firm. During an evaluation, you can find out more about the situation and what options you have in moving forward with a case. Contact our nursing home negligence attorney today.