Wrongful Death Lawyer in California

When someone that you are close to dies, the grieving and stress are only amplified by the financial and legal responsibilities that you are left with. These responsibilities are aggravated and exacerbated when your loved one was wrongfully killed. We are passionate advocates for those who were killed by either intentional or accidental negligence, and we want to provide you with an experienced wrongful death lawyer if you live in the state of California and have suffered the trauma and pain associated with losing a loved one in wrongful death.

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer
Wrongful Death Lawyer

What Constitutes Wrongful Death?

When someone dies because of the irresponsible or negligent behavior of another person and/or company, it is referred to as wrongful death. The wide-encompassing nature of wrongful death demands that each case be investigated and evidence be produced before the claim can be successfully filed. Some wrongful deaths in California can come from the following scenarios:

  • Abuse in a nursing home
  • Negligence while being treated in a hospital
  • Medical malpractice
  • Vehicle accidents that were not the fault of the person deceased
  • Accidents that occurred on construction sites
  • Accidents that occur at work or while engaged in accomplishing tasks mandated by work
  • Malfunctioning equipment, products, drugs, medications, and/or medical apparatuses

Are You Eligible to File a Claim?

California law regulates wrongful death claims, and states that the immediate family members of a person who was wrongfully killed are entitled to file wrongful death claims. These people are deserving of the following, although the below list is not exhaustive:

  • Compensation for forfeited wages
  • Compensation for suffering, pain, and loss of companionship
  • Compensation for punitive damages
  • Compensation for funeral expenses
  • Compensation for all associated medical expenses, even those resultant of having to deal with the psychological trauma and pain of losing your loved one.

The Statute of Limitations

6 months after your loved one has died, California has what is called a “statute of limitations” that states you cannot file a wrongful death claim after these 6 months. This is strict, but rightfully so: after 6 months’ time, it is far harder for an attorney to conduct an investigation of the wrongful death, gather evidence, and collect enough witnesses in order to make a case on your behalf.

Finding the Right Wrongful Death Attorney in California

If your loved one has died due to another party’s negligence, then we want to help you to file a lawsuit with one of our experienced California wrongful death attorneys. Call today for a free legal advising session, and for a representative to inform you as to whether or not you are eligible for legal representation following a free case review.