Every Employer Must Have Return To Work Policy in California

Although it is not mandated by the state, every employer should have a return-to-work- policy for their employees. An employer cannot take any adverse action against an employee who files a claim. Under California Labor Code § 132a, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who files for workers’ compensation benefits after a job-related accident.

A return-to-work policy marks a positive work culture. This work policy allows the employees to take up a light jobs post an injury and focus on their medical recovery. It helps to alleviate fears of losing jobs in the minds of injured workers. Thus ensuring that the injured and sock employees can get back to their jobs in a safe and timely manner.

Advantages of Return-to-work Policy For Employers

      • You can retain your trained staff and will not have to look for replacement workers.
      • Having a return-to-work policy creates a positive image of your business and leadership abilities.
      • Your employees would like to learn and grow with your company, thus allowing you to retain quality staff.
      • Your company will enjoy the benefits of good productivity due to less absenteeism and a low attrition rate.