Union vs. Non-Union Worker Compensation Benefits

Construction sites are particularly dangerous due to inherent risk associated with construction work. The construction employees working at heights, on road sides, near heavy equipment or machinery work in highly risky conditions. Due to demanding nature of job and considerable work hazards, it is the duty of employer and construction site owner to ensure that proper safety regulations are in place.

In the absence of proper safety measures and regulations at the workplace, workers may suffer minor or sever work injuries in California. If you have been a victim of workplace negligence, Pacific Attorney Group can help you obtain full compensation you deserve.

Why Union Workers Are More Safe Compared to Non Union Workers

Union work can have a significant impact on an individual’s situation in numerous ways. When employees join or form a union, they collectively bargain for better terms and conditions of employment.

Presence of unions often leads to enhanced safety protocols and improved compliance with health and safety regulations. This is in part due to the collective bargaining power of unions, which can negotiate for safer working conditions.

Unionized workers may report injuries more frequently compared to non unionized workers. This elevated reporting can be attributed to the protective environment unions provide, encouraging members to report all incidents, including minor injuries, without fear of retaliation. 

Unions may report a higher number of injuries due to a culture of robust reporting, the overall effect of union work is generally associated with safer work conditions, fewer severe injuries, and lower fatality rates. 

Non unionized workers may have to work in non-regulated construction zones. This is because unions ensure incorporation of safety and health protocols into their work contracts, which can lead to safer working conditions for their members. Also in case of disputes with employer, their rights are ignored or remain unrepresented in absence of union representation.

Union vs Non Union Workers Compensation
Union vs Non Union Workers Compensation

Union V/S Non Union Workers Compensation Benefits in California

While all employees in California are entitled to workers’ compensation, unionized workers may have access to additional benefits and resources as against the non-unionized employees. This additional assistance can enhance their overall compensation and support in case of a workplace injury.

Here is brief overview of what workers compensation benefits union workers gain over non-union workers


Labor unions negotiate collective bargaining agreements that may specify enhanced workers’ compensation benefits, which could be more favorable than what non-union workers receive. Some unions maintain funds to provide supplementary benefits to their members, which may include additional workers’ compensation coverage.

Unions may offer support in workers’ compensation cases, including legal representation or assistance in negotiating with employers for fair compensation. This allows the union workers to fearlessly pursue justice against the employer-at-fault


Non-union employees are typically covered by the employer’s standard workers’ compensation insurance without the benefit of union-negotiated enhancements. They may have to advocate for themselves in the event of a workplace injury, which can be challenging without collective support.

However, there is a possibility that an injured worker might keep silence even after being injured on-the-job due to employer’s fear or fear of losing job or due to familial obligations. Also non-union employees rely directly on the state-mandated workers’ compensation benefits, which may not be as comprehensive as those negotiated by unions.

Pacific Attorney Group Offer Legal Help to Injured Union Workers

As a matter of practice employers main emphasis is profit generation, They are least bothered about the well-being of employees and they would not mind cost cutting to up their revenues.

Unions know how things actually work and that is why they are staunch supporters of their member and work for their betterment. Workers compensation system is same for both unionized and non-unionized workers. The rules of justice are same, if you are hurt on the job you have the right to file claim for workers compensation benefits.

If you think your claim is getting delayed or that your interests are not being properly represented, consult with a workers compensation attorney at Pacific Attorney Group. We have won many battles on behalf of the injured workers and we are ready to take up yours too.

We know the obstacles that injured workers come across while filing their claims. With our resources and expert legal panel we can turn around things in your favor.  Call us today to schedule your free consultation with on of our workers compensation attorneys.