Danielle Bologna Among 3 Killed in Copperopolis Accident on Highway 4

Danielle Bologna
Danielle Bologna Among 3 Killed in Copperopolis Accident on Highway 4

Copperopolis, California (August 15, 2023) – Danielle Bologna, 62, of San Francisco, was among three people killed in a fatal crash that took place near Copperopolis on Friday night, according to a report by the Calaveras County Coroner’s Office.

The wreck happened on Highway 4, west of Vista Point, at around 7 p.m. on August 11.

The California Highway Patrol said Jose Luis Garcia Jr., 25, of San Mateo, was driving a 2020 Honda east on Highway 4 at a high rate of speed when he swerved into the westbound side and crashed head-on with a 2020 Lexus.

Garcia and his passengers, identified as Danielle Bologna and her daughter Francesca Bologna, 25, were all killed in the incident.

The six occupants of the Lexus were taken to Doctors Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center in Modesto with moderate to major injuries.

The CHP is investigating the wreck.

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