Motorcyclist Critical after Fresno Crash on Kings Canyon Road

 Fresno Crash
Motorcyclist Critical after Fresno Crash on Kings Canyon Road

Fresno, California – A motorcyclist suffered critical injuries in a collision with a vehicle in Fresno on Sunday evening, according to the Fresno Police Department.

The rear-end crash happened on Kings Canyon Road and Fowler Avenue at about 5:45 p.m. November 12.

Police said a motorcyclist slammed into the back of a white Dodge Charger that was stopped at a red light waiting to turn left on Kings Canyon Road.

The rider was ejected from the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, a man in his 50s, was rushed to a hospital with critical injuries.

The other driver had complaints of pain and was treated at the scene

Detectives are working to determine the cause of the collision.

Have You Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash?

California is one of the U.S. states with the highest number of motorcycles. Motorcycles offer a flexible travel method that may help avoid being stuck in heavy traffic. However, this mode of transport has its set of issues, particularly in the event of a traffic collision.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to other cars while riding. In the event of an accident, a motorcyclist can potentially suffer serious injuries that can lead to disability, disfigurement, or even death. Motorcycle accident injuries are often serious or life-threatening due to the imbalance in size and weight of a motorcycle versus a typical car, SUV, or large truck. The smaller vehicle, the motorcycle, typically acquires the greater part of the damage, and the rider is virtually unprotected. Even with a safety helmet and protective gear, motorcyclists could sustain severe injuries.

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