A teenager from Britain has attracted a lot of attention after she was rushed to surgery after drinking a combustible cocktail. According to ABC News, the 18 year old was celebrating her birthday at a bar in Lancaster when she couldn’t breathe and started experiencing stomach pain. She had been drinking a Jagermeister degestif which was made with liquid nitrogen. She was rushed to the hospital where she had to undergo a gastrectomy to save her life. The teen is now in serious but stable condition at the hospital. Now, celebrity chefs, master mixologists, and medical experts are looking at the case to determine what happened to this unfortunate victim at the bad.

Many have spoken out against the bar that gave the teen the drink, saying that anything hazardous should never be mixed in an alcoholic beverage. Bartending Magazine referred to the incident by saying that too many bartenders are trying out trendy new liquids in order to impress clients at the bar. Yet they are putting people’s health at risk as a result. The teen had to have a portion of her perforated stomach removed because of a gimmick that was meant to impress. According to ABC, liquid nitrogen is about minus-321 degrees Fahrenheit and if it is not used properly it can cause permanent frostbite or cryogenic burns.

It is used to flash-freeze food or make ice cream, and can turn herbs into powder or freeze alcohol. It is not supposed to be mixed into alcoholic drinks for immediate consumption. Yet more and more bars are using nitrogen for dramatic effect. If makes the glasses nice and chilled and the cocktails can emit a steamy vapor because of the chemical reaction. The bartenders have been trained to take the utmost care when mixing drinks, and using liquid nitrogen is a departure from this expectation. Bartenders say that a person should never drink nitrogen in its liquid form, because it will turn to gas inside the person’s body. Medical experts say that nitrogen is used to freeze off warts, not to be consumed. If you were served a dangerous liquid in your cocktail, then you have the right to seek compensation from the bar that put your health at risk. Contact a lawyer at the Pacific Attorney Group today if you want more information.