In Thousand Oaks, California, two people were injured and dozens more were stranded high up in the sky when a Ferris wheel malfunctioned at a fall carnival in the area. The Thousand Oaks Carnival was being held on the California Lutheran University campus, and the Ferris wheel stopped functioning as it should have been at about 9 p.m. on Sunday night. The Ventura County fire officials had to head to the scene of the accident and rescue about 30 people using a ladder truck. They would climb up, disbar the safety restraint and then carefully bring the men and women down the ladder and back to safety on the ground.

Supposedly, two people were treated for minor injuries as a result of the Ferris wheel malfunction. The cause of the malfunction is currently under investigation. All fair and carnival rides should be carefully inspected by a safety official before they are used and open to the public. If a ride is not approved for use because of technical or manufacturing malfunctions or due to an expired permit, then the carnival workers must not operate the ride while at the fair. If you have been injured while on a carnival ride because of a dangerous malfunction, then you may have the right to sue the carnival organizers or the specific owner of the ride.

In most cases, carnival workers being their specific attraction to set up at the carnival and are gaining their own profits with the ride. You may be able to sue the individual who did not abide by safety regulations. If an operator knew that the ride was in a dangerous condition but decided to run it anyway, he or she can be arrested in connection to being compelled to cover all damages gathered by victims. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you want to sue a carnival worker or ride operator for causing you harm while at a carnival or fair!