Slip and fall accidents may seem like minor mishaps, but they are in fact accidents that can cause serious injury. Broken bones, herniated spinal discs, and bruised contusions are all injuries that slip and fall victims may endure. If an injury is severe enough, the victim may need medical assistance, and even surgery. In the case of a serious slip and fall accident, as is the case with any personal injury accident, the victim has the right to be properly compensated for his or her injuries. The slip and fall victim should contact a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney at once in order to determine whether the accident was caused by negligence, and whether or not the victim has a chance at obtaining fair compensation for his or her injuries.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

In order for a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to claim damages on behalf of the slip and fall victim, it must be determined whether or not negligence was the cause of the accident. First of all, it is important for slip and fall victims to understand exactly what negligence is. Negligence can be broken down into four aspects – an obligation to exhibit care for others, the failure by one party to honor that obligation, an accident being caused by that failure, and the accident victim sustaining injuries as a result of that failure. All Los Angeles slip and fall accident attorney analyze the details of the accident while paying attention to those four aspects in order to determine if the accident was caused by negligence.

Before a Los Angeles personal injury attorney can file a claim for damages on the slip and fall victim’s behalf, it must be determined as to who the negligible party is that caused the slip and fall accident. Usually, the location at which the victim suffered the injury may determine the responsible party. For example, if a patron slips and falls and sustains personal injury in a store due to cleaning materials that were left out or a wet floor that didn’t have the required warning signage, than the store owner would be responsible for compensation. The store owner has a duty to maintain the standards of safety for his or her customers, and if that duty is not followed, accidents can occur to patrons. If the victim had slipped and fell in a private residence due liquids on the ground that were not cleaned up , then the owner of that private residence would be responsible for the victim’s compensation.

As minor as slip and fall accidents may seem, they can indeed be very serious. If you or a loved one has sustained injury due to a slip and fall accident, get in touch with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at once. The lawyers at the Pacific Attorney Group are knowledgeable experts of such issues, and they will represent you. Obtain the justice that you deserve.