Slip and Fall Accident Myths Debunked

Slip & Fall Personal Injury Lawyer

When you enter someone else’s property, there’s an unspoken trust that the property will be maintained to provide the visitor with a certain amount of safety. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Slip and fall injuries occur when a property owner doesn’t maintain the property in a way that provides for the safety of those who are visiting the property. There are a lot of myths surrounding slip and fall accidents too. This makes people who are hurt at the fault of another afraid to step forward and consult with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Myth 1. Only Greedy Con Artists Sue for Slip and Fall Accidents
There are truly greedy people who do sue when they haven’t really been hurt, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate cases that involve unsafe conditions where people can get injured. Whether it’s a local grocery store or the local public library, property owners are required to keep the environment safe for visitors. If they don’t, and you get hurt, you’re entitled to take legal steps.

Myth 2. Cases of Slip and Fall Should be Settled Out of Court
If you don’t consult with a personal injury attorney Los Angeles, the property owner or insurance company could try to force you to settle out of court. They could coerce you into settling by telling you how much time it’ll take, or how much it’ll cost. They have a vested interest in trying to scare you. An accident attorney will tell you the truth about your case and your chances in court.

Myth 3. Medical Bills Should be Paid by the Property Owner
If you win your case, that may be true. However, until the case is settled or won in court, the property owner doesn’t have to pay for anything. Once the court rules in your favor, they could have the property owner pay for your medical bills as well as other costs associated with the slip and fall.

Myth 4. If the Property Owner Can’t Pay, You Can’t Sue
This one is definitely not true. You may believe that the property owner doesn’t have enough money to cover the expenses of his mistake, but that’s an assumption you shouldn’t make. In some cases, the person might actually have money they’re not investing in property maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have money. The insurance company might be the one that has to be sued. Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can make that determination.

Myth 5. There was a Warning Sign
The presence of a sign doesn’t relieve the property owner of responsibility for fixing the property. While it might be difficult to prove negligence or wrongdoing, it might not be impossible. Consulting an accident attorney is the best way to know whether you have a case or not.

When it comes to slip and fall accidents, there are plenty of myths circling. It’s best that you don’t make assumptions about your case until you have a chance to talk to a personal injury attorney in  Los Angeles. Call the Pacific Attorney Group at 1-800-358-9617 to find out how we can help.