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San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law covers a wide range of practice areas and helps to protect the rights of many victims today. Individuals who have suffered physically or mentally due to an accident deserve the right to be protected and compensated for their injuries. If you received an injury due to someone else’s neglect and irresponsibility, you should contact a San Francisco accident lawyer today.

Types of Accidents

There are numerous accidents in San Francisco resulting in severe injuries. These injuries can be devastating, affect the victims physical health and financial state. There may be many reasons that caused the accident and injury.

Our San Francisco accident lawyers cover a broad range of accidents to fully protect your rights, including auto accidents, traffic accidents, bicycle accidents, and construction accidents. For more information on other accidents our attorneys cover, please read below:

  • Bicycle Accidents: Bicycling is a popular form on transportation today. Unfortunately, many bicyclists suffer severe injuries when colliding with a vehicle. Because of their small frames, bicyclists are commonly unseen by drivers. Injuries caused by bicycle accidents include back and neck injuries, internal organ damage, spinal cord injury, or paralysis.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: According to a study by The Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Governors Highway Association, approximately 4,700 motorcycling deaths occurred in the United States throughout 2009. Many motorcyclists wear little protective gear to guard themselves when they collide with a larger vehicle. Due to this absence of protection, many motorcyclists suffer fatal injuries after an accident.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: According to the National Highway Safety Administration, California has one of the highest rates of pedestrian accidents in America. Pedestrian accidents are extremely fatal as they suffer the most devastating injuries when being struck by a vehicle.

Accidents Caused by Negligence

Numerous accidents are caused by one person’s failure to use reasonable care resulting in harm to another person. Many of these accidents are highly preventable, but lead to fatal results for the victims. Often times, these types of accidents are caused by an employer, building owner, doctor, or just a nearby driver.

Free Consultation

If you were recently injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should contact a San Diego accident lawyer. If your injuries required medical treatment or caused time off from work, you should be compensated for your loss. Additionally, an accident lawyer may be able to get you compensation for any physical or financial suffering caused by the injury.

Injury Accident Lawyers in San Francisco

If you have been in an injury accident in San Francisco or anywhere else in the Bay Area of Northern California, then we can help you. It isn’t enough to rely on insurance agencies and companies to pay you what you’re entitled to after you are a victim of an accident—you need legal representation in civil court of law.

Victims Have Their Own Act

The U.S. Department of Justice holds up the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. Passed in the 1980s, the Act is committed to protecting the rights of victims of crimes. Even if it may not seem like it, the causes of personal injury acquisition are criminal in nature. On the U.S. Department of Justice’s website, the Crime Victims’ Rights Act is detailed, and the Rights of Victims section under subheading A says that victims have:

(1) The right to be reasonably protected from the accused.

(2) The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime or of any release or escape of the accused.

(3) The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that proceeding.

(4) The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding.

(5) The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the case.

(6) The right to full and timely restitution as provided in law.

(7) The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay.

(8) The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.”

Who We are

We believe in advocacy law which essentially means that you don’t pay a dime til we win your lawsuit for you. Our role comes into number 5 and 6 of the Crime Victims’ Act, listed above: we are passionate about providing you with the means of access to “confer” with one of our excellent injury accident attorneys. We even will provide you with free consultation and, when you decide we are the best legal team that can represent you, we promise to begin work on your case within just 24 hours of accepting you as our client.We specialize in a wide variety of injuries, from auto accidents and roll-overs to employment law and denied workers’ compensation.

Seeking Legal Help After an Injury Accident

If you have been in an accident in which you were injured and you live in the Bay Area, then call one of our San Francisco injury accident attorneys for information on how you can receive monetary retribution for your losses.

Protect Your Future with a San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

It doesn’t matter where or how you were injured, if it is a result of the negligence of another, you have every right to protect your own future by suing for damages that will protect you in later years. The problem for many is they are so concerned with getting to a hospital and dealing with the issues at hand, they let too much time pass before reaching out to the local San Francisco personal injury lawyer for help. Here is why you should make every effort possible to secure the services of a local San Francisco personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible.

Gathering Key Evidence in Your Case
Every accident scene is different, and you may have gotten hurt on the road, in a store, or out walking in a parking lot. The common thread here is that you need a professional investigative team to get to that location and start putting all the pieces together. Your San Francisco personal injury lawyer will send out experts who can identify the cause of the accident and collect evidence even long after the incident occurred. Perhaps you slipped in a store and the wet surface has been cleaned and the store claims they have no knowledge, yet when the team returns on a rainy day they notice a puddle accumulating right where you slipped. This is how they put together your case so you can win.

Determining the Settlement in Your Case
You may think that your bills are expensive today, just imagine what they will be 10 years from now when the pain is still bothering you and more surgery is required. Your local San Francisco personal injury lawyer will consult with the best doctors and get the information needed so they can determine how much money it is going to take to protect you for years to come. The trouble today is that you might think a nice settlement will help to alleviate your bills and the pressure of working. What happens when you settle too low and in a decade you can’t work and the money dries up?

Your San Francisco personal injury lawyer lives in the medical world and understands that when they determine a settlement price, it has to cover your medical expenses today and long into the future. They will not leave you short so you are left without any money in your later years. Your attorney will make certain you can get back to enjoying your life without the added stress of your injuries causing you added stress.

San Francisco Accident Attorney

San Francisco is a popular place for people to live and visit. Like many other big cities across California and the rest of the United States, the higher concentration of people often leads to higher incidents of accidents to occur. Accidents can happen at any time and often they occur when people least expect. Many times they result in physically painful, traumatic and financially straining struggles that victims have to deal with.

Getting Compensation for Your Losses

Sometimes the injuries that people suffer in accidents are minor and require only a few doctors’ visits. Other times they are much more severe and may result in the victim being hospitalized or have to undergo painful and expensive surgery or ongoing medical treatments. Often the medical care required puts a financial strain on victims and their families because it is costly and causes people to miss work. The San Francisco accident attorneys have helped numerous accident victims throughout California with their accident cases. We will discuss your case thoroughly and provide you with expert legal advice about the best course of action for obtaining compensation.

Skilled Accident Lawyers to Handle Your Case

Clients receive a wide range of service levels when it comes to seeking help for their legal problems. Our accident lawyers are proud to provide quality service to successfully achieve the ideal results for every case that we encounter. Many different areas of law exist and although some firms are specialized in only one area, we have the versatility to provide knowledge and assistance in a number of case types. Our top accident lawyers focus on cases involving auto accident, personal injury, wrongful deaths, and work related injuries also known as tort law.

Some of the different types of cases that we handle include:

  • Automobile accident
  • Truck accident
  • Deadly weapons accident
  • Eldercare abuse accident
  • Construction accident
  • Wrongful death
  • Workplace injury
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Drunk driving accident
  • Accident from dangerous products

Professional Legal Services Offered to Our Clients

We provide a broad range of expert legal services for the benefit of our clients in San Francisco and throughout the rest of California. We can help you obtain compensation that will help offset things like:

  • Expenses from medical treatments, doctors’ visits, medications and exams
  • Wages that you have lost from missing work because of injuries
  • Pain and suffering that you feel as a result of your accident

If you or someone you know suffered an injury in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then seek legal assistance from trusted and experienced accident attorneys who are committed to fighting for the maximum compensation possible for our clients. Contact the accident lawyers today for a free case review. We can determine whether you may be eligible for compensation for your losses.

San Francisco Types of Injuries Lawyer

Types of Injuries

In your line of work, no matter the industry in which you are currently employed, it is quite possible that you could suffer from injuries. These injuries could be from work conditions that you have suffered in day in and day out for years upon end, or they could be the direct result of a single, debilitating accident. Examples of these types of accidents can include something like black lung disease from a miner spending too much time underground, or carpal tunnel syndrome from too much time spent typing in an unnatural, cramped position.

Injuries caused by accidents can also be covered by workers’ compensation laws and can include situations such as slip and falls, sprains from heavy lifting, scaffolding accidents, explosion accidents, electrocution accidents, ladder accidents or accidents from falling objects of equipment malfunction. These injuries sustained can include things such as fractures, multiple fractures, internal organ injuries, crush injuries or facial injuries. If you have suffered from something of this nature, then it is in your best interest to secure the legal assistance of a skilled San Francisco workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. By getting their aid at the onset of the issue, you can take the necessary steps towards protecting your rights and defending your future.

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

At the Pacific Attorney Group, you can be confident that you will receive the high-quality legal assistance that you deserve. With a reputation for hard-hitting and creative support, we are often able to help our clients fight for the necessary compensation that they deserve. We understand that while workers’ compensation laws might entitle you to certain financial compensation, it might not be easy to obtain. We are fully devoted to doing everything in our power to help you receive what you deserve.

Contact a San Francisco Workers’ Compensation Attorney today to receive your initial case consultation.

San Francisco Injuries

The laws regarding personal injury are extremely complex, challenging to interpret, and differ by state. If you live in San Francisco and was recently injured due to the negligence of another party, you should contact a San Francisco injury attorney. They will help determine your legal options and work to compensate you for your injuries.

Practice Areas

There are a wide variety of laws regarding personal injury claims and numerous attorneys and law firms covering different practice areas. It may be difficult to find an attorney with the specific set of skills and experience to represent your case.

We have exceptional attorneys that cover areas, such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, slip and fall accidents, wrongful deaths, catastrophic injuries and many others. The type of attorney you choose depends largely on the type of circumstance and injury you are suffering from. The attorneys also cover:

  • Construction injuries: Unfortunately, many construction worksites do not follow the proper safety regulations and workers are injured before proper inspection. Common construction accidents include: ladder falls, being struck by debris, and crane accidents. Many of these accidents result in serious injury or even death.
  • Burn Injuries: Out of the 1.1 million burn injuries that occur in the United States, approximately 45,000 of these injuries require hospitalization while 4,500 of these victims die. Burn injuries may result from fires, car accidents, work-related injuries, and even defective products.
  • Animal and Dog Bite Injuries: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 4.7 million people report dog bite injuries. Dog bites are the 5th most common emergency room injury for children, and about half of those bites occur in the facial region. Many dog bites require medical treatment and may leave physical and emotional scars.

San Francisco Injury Attorney

If you have recently been injured, you should contact a San Francisco injury attorney to protect your legal rights. If your injuries required medical treatment or caused time lost from work, you may be able to earn monetary retribution. Serious injuries that affect your ability to earn future income or leave permanent disabilities should be compensated for.

For a free consultation, contact one of our San Francisco injury attorneys at 800-908-8124. Our injury attorneys will discuss your case and legal options. If you suffered due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to earn a substantial entitlement.

Do not hesitate to contact us due to financial inability. Our attorneys will not charge you unless we win your case. We don’t get paid until you get paid, so there are no upfront costs or hidden fees involved. We have helped thousands of people nationwide and have won millions of dollars for our clients every year.

San Francisco Injuries

In San Francisco, injuries can occur due to automobile accidents or unsafe work conditions. Whether the cause, it is absolutely imperative to hire the right San Francisco injury lawyer. With an injury lawyer, they will discuss your legal options and work to compensate you for your injuries. However, laws regarding personal injury are very complex, difficult to interpret, and differ by state. When choosing an injury lawyer, you should search for experience, skill, and specialization.

San Francisco Injury Lawyers

There are numerous laws regarding personal injury cases and some law firms cover all areas of injury.We specialize in certain aspects, such as: wrongful death, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, slip and fall accidents, catastrophic injuries, and many others. When deciding which injury lawyer to hire, you should focus on the type of injury you are suffering from. For more information regarding the injuries we cover, please read below:

  • Catastrophic Injuries: Catastrophic injuries refer to injuries that are extremely severe and entail extensive medical treatment. The spectrum for this type of injury is broad and includes, brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord injury and accidental amputation. Neurological and central nervous system damage and blindness are also considered catastrophic injuries. These injuries are considered catastrophic as they cause significant damage to the victim’s quality of life and are permanently disabling.
  • Nursing Home Abuse: Abuse occurs to even the most fragile and vulnerable individuals. At facilities that are understaffed and under-funded to topnotch institutions, abuse takes place. Often times, actual abuse leaves marks – this type of abuse includes: hitting, shaking, beating, and shoving. Physical abuse and unsafe housing conditions are a clear threat and disregard for human safety.
  • Wrongful Death Claim: Wrongful death is when someone dies due to the negligent conduct of another in an accident or while on the job. If a person acted recklessly and accidently caused the death of a family member, you may be eligible for compensation. Often times, wrongful deaths are caused by: automobile accidents, defective products, construction job-site accidents, and medical malpractice.

Free Consultation with Our Attorneys

If you were recently injured due to the neglect of another individual, you should contact a San Diego injury lawyer. You may be compensated for medical treatment and time lost from work caused by your injuries. An injury lawyer may also earn you monetary compensation for your physical suffering.

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