Have you suffered injuries after a Southern California bicycle accident? If so, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Pacific Attorney Group may be able to help you recover monetary compensation. For over 35 years, our injury lawyers have been helping victims of bicycle accidents protect their rights and obtain the financial compensation for their injuries they deserve. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney from our firm, you determine whether or not you have a personal injury case, establish liability for the accident, and file a personal injury claim against parties that may be at fault for causing the accident.

Common Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

Many people underestimate just how dangerous riding a bicycle can be. Bicycle accidents can leave victims with injuries that range from minor, such as superficial cuts, scrapes, or bruises, to more severe, as in traumatic bone or head injuries. “Road rash” can occur when skin makes forceful contact with asphalt, resulting in scrapes, or in some cases, causing pieces of loose road debris to become embedded underneath the skin. “Traumatic tattooing,” as this is often called, may necessitate immediate medical attention before permanent scars develop. Bicyclists also frequently endure painful muscle strains, debilitating bone fractures or breaks, and agonizing joint dislocations.

More serious bicycle accident injuries can include trauma to the chest area, abdomen, and pelvis. Often times, bicyclists may be thrown forward against the handlebars of their bikes, resulting in damage to their internal organs that could potentially lead to dangerous internal bleeding. Back and neck injuries are also common and usually occur when cyclists are knocked off their bikes in manners that cause their bodies to twist unnaturally. However, the most common bicycle accident injury sustained by cyclists is a head injury. Head injuries occur between 25-45% of bike accident victims and can entail concussions, skull fractures, brain contusions, or even permanent brain damage.

Consulting With a Los Angeles Bike Accident Lawyer Can Greatly Benefit You

The majority of bicycle accidents are caused by driver error, not cyclist error. And unfortunately, bicyclists are the ones most likely to be seriously injured in accidents due to the fact that they are more vulnerable to the road conditions and dangers around them. However, many bicycle accident victims do not recover the full compensation they deserve simply because they are unaware of the way personal injury law works. Personal injury law holds at-fault parties liable for compensating injured parties for all of their injuries, pain, and suffering. Personal injury lawyers investigate each detail of bicycle accidents to determine and prove which parties are at fault for the accident; they can help victims collect and submit proper evidence and documentation that can mean the difference between victims receiving no compensation and victims receiving compensation to cover every cost associated with their bike accident injuries.

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