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In today’s competition-driven economy, every individual has several choices available before making their final selection. However, the only fear while purchasing a product is that of likely defect in the product so purchased. Our homes are filled with multiple products ranging from appliances, toys, medicines, eatables, etc. A small defect in any of the products can endanger our lives and also those of our loved ones.

In California, product liability ensures that if you are injured by a defective product, you can seek compensation for your damages. Product liability laws make manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers liable for any injuries their products cause.

Whether it’s a household appliance, a vehicle part, or a medication, any product that reaches consumers should be safe for use.  Our California product liability injury lawyer not only helps victims seek justice but also pushes for higher safety standards across industries.

California Product Liability Injury Lawyer
California Product Liability Injury Lawyer

What are The Different Types of Product Defects?

California recognizes three main types of defects:

1. Defectively Manufacture Products

Every product is designed as per certain specifications and lapses in its manufacturing process can affect the final product’s quality, functionality, and safety. Manufacturing defects refer to flaws or imperfections that occur during the production process of a product. These defects can occur in various industries, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and consumer goods.

Manufacturers must have stringent quality control measures to detect and address manufacturing defects before products reach the market. Using substandard components or overlooking product quality to reduce production costs can have serious consequences for both manufacturers and consumers. This can lead to product recalls, legal issues, financial losses, reputation damage for manufacturers, and potential harm or inconvenience for consumers.

2. Design Defects in Products

Before manufacturing, a product design is created after thorough research testing, and analysis. But if the design itself is faulty or carries certain risks, then there is considerable danger in using such a product. Products with design defects like toys with choking hazards, batteries that burst due to heat, a hot body massager causing skin burns, etc can cause accidents even when used in a foreseeable way.

3. Misleading Customers About Product Features

Marketing defects refer to issues like improper labeling, inadequate safety warnings, or not informing about the potential risks associated with its use. These defects can mislead consumers, deceive them about the product’s features or benefits, or fail to provide accurate information.

Failure to warn can harm consumers by leading them to make uninformed decisions, wasting their money on ineffective products, or even causing harm if health and safety information is not properly disclosed. Additionally, they can damage the reputation and credibility of businesses if customers feel deceived or misled.

    Who Can Be Held Liable for Potential Product Defects in California

    Every customer has the right to enjoy safe finished products. And manufacturing companies must obey federal regulations and safety standard guidelines to ensure product quality. There are certain common elements involved in product liability claims:

      • There is a product defect due to flaws in its design, manufacturing, or marketing.
      • The product was used in a reasonable and foreseeable manner.
      • Plaintiff suffered injuries or damages as a result of using the defective product.
      • The product has not undergone any substantial change from the time it left the manufacturer to the time it reached the plaintiff

    Several entities that are part of the production and distribution chain may be held accountable for defective products. It is important to identify who is responsible for what during the production person to understand who can be held liable in product claims in California.


    Designers are responsible for creating safe and functional products. If a product’s design is inherently dangerous or flawed, designers can be held liable for any resulting injuries. For instance, if a car’s braking system is poorly designed, leading to accidents, the designer could be sued.


    Manufacturers are responsible for producing products according to safe designs. Manufacturing defects occur when errors during production make an otherwise safe design dangerous. A classic example involves pharmaceuticals; if a batch of medication is contaminated during production, the manufacturer would be liable.


    Distributors play a role in ensuring that products reach consumers safely. They must handle and store products properly to prevent damage or contamination. Distributors can face liability if mishandling results in product defects that cause harm. For example, if food distributors fail to maintain proper refrigeration, causing spoilage and foodborne illness, they may be held accountable.


    Retailers are the final link in the chain before products reach consumers. They are expected to sell safe products and provide adequate warnings about potential risks. Should they sell defective items or fail to inform customers about known hazards, they can be sued. For instance, a retailer selling malfunctioning electronic devices without proper warnings could be liable for resulting injuries.

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    Victims in California have 2 years from the date of the incident to file a product liability claim. According to the legal doctrine of strict liability, we only need to prove that you received a defective product. And that the product defect is responsible for your injuries and damages.

    You can also sue the seller and/or manufacturer for breach of warranty if the breach resulted in injury or damage to you or your loved ones.

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