Los Angeles accident attorneys work on thousands of personal injury cases every year. The victims have sustained serious injuries from these accidents, and the Los Angeles personal injury attorney works on their behalf in order to secure their client damages. Damages are monetary payments that are awarded to the accident victim as compensation for their injuries, whether they be physical or emotional. The damages are provided to the victim by the insurance company that represents the responsible party. The person or persons responsible for an accident are usually referred to as the negligible party. In most accident cases, the negligible party can be easily identified. For example, if a drunk driver collides with another car and causes a head injury to the other driver, the drunk driver would be considered the negligible party. However, sometimes it does not seem as clear-cut as this as to who the negligible party is in a personal injury accident. This situation usually comes down to premises liability.

What is premises liability?

The basic idea behind premises liability is that the owners of property are responsible for any type of accident that may occur on their premises. They are to be sure that no hazardous or harmful material is exposed that could cause injury, and that the general standards of safety are met. Dog bite accidents are good examples of situations where the premises owner would be held liable for the victim’s injuries. The owner has a responsibility to keep the dog under control or in a special area if he or she knows the dog can be aggressive. If this isn’t done, the dog may have the chance to harm a person. Because the owner did not meet the standards of safety, which would be to keep the dog under control, the owner would be considered negligent and held liable. And if that premises owner leaves liquid spilled on the ground, a person may be involved in a slip and fall accident in which the owner would be liable for the victim’s injuries.

If these instances happen, the accident victim would, and should, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney in order to receive compensatory damages. The Los Angeles personal injury lawyer would claim the damages from the premises owner’s insurance company, and who would attempt to negotiate a settlement for a fair and adequate amount. It is important for premises owners to understand how they affect the safety of others, and what can happen if they neglect their duties to keep those around them safe.

If you or a loved one is involved in a personal injury that occurred due to poorly maintained grounds, know that you have the right to full and fair compensation. The Pacific Attorney Group is dedicated to helping accident victims of all types receive the compensation and justice that they deserve so they may heal their wounds the right way. No accident is worth suffering alone. Contact the Pacific Attorney Group at once.