A middle-aged woman from New Jersey wanted to have her eyelids restructured so that they would not sag down towards her eyes when she was going about her day. As a result, she booked an appointment for eyelid reconstruction at a local plastic surgeon. While she expected to emerge from the procedure feeling confident and beautiful, the opposite happened. Marilyn Leisz can no longer close her eyes, even when she’s sleeping, because of a doctor’s mistake in performing the procedure to reconstruct and remove bumps from her eyelids. The victim says that in order to blink she has to squeeze her eyes very tightly. The married mother of two went after her plastic surgeon in a lawsuit because she claims that she believes that he was negligent in meeting her needs.

The doctor’s attorney claims that Leisz was warned of the risks of the surgery when she went in in 2005 and never complained about the blepharoplasty until 2012. Leisz says that this is not true and that the faulty surgery has caused her undue harm. She says that she has to use gel at night and a vaporizer so that she doesn’t scratch her eyes. She is also losing her vision and lives in fear of going blind because of the plastic surgeon’s accident. She says that she can’t do any of her previous favorite things such as tennis, horseback riding, and bike riding. Leisz says that she has had other procedures before receiving the blepharoplasty but that she is scared to go under the knife again in an attempt to correct the problem. Some surgeons claim that they can reverse Leisz’s condition. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you have been injured by a plastic surgeon or medical malpractice mistake and want compensation.