YAZ & Yasmin Side Effects

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If you are or were taking YAZ or Yasmin (generic brand Ocella) and have suffered from blood clots, depression, stroke, seizures, heart attack or any other serious medical condition, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against Bayer, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures this popular form of birth control. The side effects related to YAZ will vary on a case by case basis and may range from relatively minor weight gain to serious medical disorders or even death.

Talking to an attorney at our law firm is an important and very helpful step to take in evaluating your legal options and determining whether you have grounds for a case. Although no two cases are the same and our approach may vary significantly depending on your particular case, we may be able to bring a lawsuit against Bayer or perhaps against your doctor, if he or she prescribed YAZ or Yasmin in spite of a known medical or family history of kidney, heart or liver problems.

Lawsuits for YAZ Side Effects and Injuries

Our attorneys have over 35 years of legal experience and are familiar with handling all types of claims that involve defective drugs, and we are ready to see how we can assist you. Your initial consultation is free, and we take on Yasmin, Ocella and YAZ injury and wrongful death cases throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals has already received FDA warnings regarding its ad campaign and how it minimized potential side effects and risks associated with taking YAZ. Attorneys general in 27 states also worked together to bring a lawsuit against Bayer in regard to its potentially deceptive marketing.

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