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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis? This serious medical condition may be related to gadolinium, a chemical that may be used in certain contrast agents for MRI scans. Allergic reactions and other side effects may occur in individuals exposed to gadolinium. Talking to an attorney experienced with these cases is important if you would like to see whether you have grounds for a claim or lawsuit. At Pacific Attorney Group, we help clients throughout Los Angeles with gadolinium claims and lawsuits. We offer a free consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney to help you get started.

Gadolinium Contrast Agents: Poisoning and Side Effects

Gadolinium is a chemical element that may be used in intravenous contrast agents used for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or MRA (magnetic resonance angiography) scans. A gadolinium-based contrast agent may be used to show a greater contrast between normal and abnormal tissues in the body, making an MRI or MRA more effective and easier to evaluate.

The two most common side effects associated with gadolinium are an allergic reaction or the possibility of developing nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) which is a very serious and potentially fatal kidney disease for which there is currently no cure. NSF may develop within days or up to 18 months of even a single injection. Additional side effects potentially related to gadolinium may include: shortness of breath, hives, nausea, headache, blood clots, facial swelling, low blood pressure, and lightheadedness. Your initial consultation with a Los Angeles drug injury lawyer at our law firm is free.

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