Treatment for Burn Injuries

The treatment for a burn injury will vary depending on the severity of the burn, what caused it and what part and how much of the body it covers. In addition to treating the burns themselves, medical professionals will also need to check for smoke inhalation and any injury to the lungs as a result. For severe burns, the victim will need to be transferred to a special burn unit equipped to handle these injuries. After ensuring that the burning has stopped (especially for chemical burns), pain management and working to prevent infection will be the first issues doctors and nurses will address.

Depending on the extent, type of burn and how much damage the different layers of tissue sustain, a victim may be able to fully recover. Recovery may include two separate issues: repairing the damage itself and protecting the victim from infection or further damage, and then restoring the damaged tissue as aesthetically as possible. Plastic surgery, skin grafting and physical therapy can all help a victim rebuild and recover.

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