Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

The treatment for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be extremely expensive and extensive, depending on the severity of injury sustained. In  Los Angeles brain injury lawsuits involving minor brain or head injury, the victim may be able to recover by simply resting. However, for serious injuries, continual treatment, surgery and ongoing therapy may be necessary for the victim to have the greatest chance at recovering. Some injuries may be so severe that there will be permanent brain damage and no hope of a full recovery.

In treating an open head TBI or closed head injury will typically require a specific plan of action tailor-made to suit the patient. Emergency care will be required immediately, to stop blood loss and prevent infection in the case of an open head injury or to evaluate the extent of damage in the case of a closed head wound. For minor closed head injuries, treatment may consist of simply allowing the victim to go home and rest until the injury heals on its own. In the case of open head trauma or severe closed head injury, medical professionals will need to conduct various forms of testing to determine the extent of damage. MRI scans, X-rays and CT scans may all be necessary to determine what specific injury has been sustained.

From there, treatment will vary depending on the severity and type of injury. At times, immediate surgery may be required to repair a bleed in the brain, remove skull fragments, or replace a damaged part of the skull with synthetic skull pieces. Ongoing medical care will be required to monitor the patient’s condition and ensure that no complications arise. Physical, speech and occupational therapy may be necessary to help the patient recover his or her normal abilities.

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