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A concussion is a type of acquired brain injury that occurs when the dead or body sustains a sudden impact. If the impact is forceful enough, the brain will actually shake or shift inside the skull, resulting in it being temporarily prevented from working properly. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person who has suffered a concussion may be able to heal fully by resting for a few hours, days or weeks. However, in some cases a concussion will be so severe that it may lead to permanent brain damage or even death if untreated.

What causes a concussion?

There are many different causes of concussions. All have in common a sudden and forceful impact. The brain is a soft organ that is surrounded by spinal fluid and then protected by your skull. Normally, the spinal fluid surrounding the brain acts similarly to a cushion, protecting it from impact and injury against the skull. However, when the head or body sustains a sudden impact, this can send the brain crashing into the skull, causing injury. The most common causes of concussions include motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults and attacks, workplace accidents, and bicycle accidents.

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