Speeding-Related Auto Accidents

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Speeding is one of the most dangerous traffic offenses a driver can commit. It places the driver at an increased risk of being involved in an auto accident and also increases the severity of any collision that does occur. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are strong advocates for safe driving, and this includes driving within the speed limit and at a speed that is appropriate for current road and weather conditions. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are committed to representing victims and families of victims who have been injured in speeding-related collisions in Southern California.

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Speeding Affects Driver Response and the Severity of a Collision

The term “speeding” is used to describe a driver who is exceeding the posted speed limit, racing or driving too fast for current conditions. Speed limits are in place to protect motorists from being involved in collisions; they vary depending on the type and location of the roadway. Drivers who routinely drive faster than the posted speed limit are placing themselves and everyone on the road at undue risk. The same applies to drivers who do not adjust their speed for potentially hazardous road or weather conditions. Slowing down when it’s raining or snowing or when the roads are slippery is a key part of safe driving.

Why is speeding so dangerous? It poses two primary problems: it affects a driver’s response time if an emergency should occur, and it increases the severity of a collision. The faster a driver is going, the longer it will take for a vehicle to slow down and come to a complete stop. The vehicle will travel farther before the driver can do anything about an obstacle in the road, change in traffic or other scenario that requires the driver to swerve or slow down. This means that a driver may be unable to avoid a collision that he or she would have been able to prevent if he or she had been driving slower.

The second problem is simple physics: collisions are more severe when vehicles are going faster. The faster a vehicle is going, the more force will be applied when it collides with another vehicle or a fixed object, and the more severe the damage to the vehicle and injury to occupants is likely to be. This is most likely the reason that nearly one-third of traffic fatalities are speeding-related, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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NHTSA statistics for the past decade show that about 30% of all traffic fatalities across the U.S. each year are related to speeding. This means that the driver was charged with a speeding offense or that an officer indicated that speeding or racing contributed to the accident. Speeding also causes an estimated $40.4 billion in economic losses each year.

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