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A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle actually tips and rolls over as a result of a collision or tire blowout. Rollover accidents are often more common in vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as SUVs or trucks. In any event, rollovers are particularly serious and can result in catastrophic injuries in the event of a roof crush or if the passenger is ejected from the vehicle.

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An attorney at our firm may be able to meet with you to conduct a free initial consultation in which we can discuss the matter and your legal options. At this time, you can get the information you need to make an educated decision about moving forward with a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident or any other party that may be responsible for causing the accident or contributing to the severity of your injuries. At Pacific Attorney Group, we take on auto accident cases of all kinds including car accident rollovers throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Your initial consultation with a lawyer is free.

Increased injury is probable in a rollover accident if automotive product liability is involved, such as a defective seat belt that does not properly restrain a passenger, weak vehicle structure resulting in roof crush injuries, or a defective door latch or door that causes a passenger to be ejected from the vehicle during the accident. At Pacific Attorney Group, our Chula Vista rollover car accident lawyers are experienced in all types of auto accident claims, including those involving driver negligence and defective products.

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