Pile-Ups and Multi-Vehicle Crashes

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A pile-up generally occurs on high-traffic roadways at high speeds, resulting in multiple vehicles colliding. This collision can result in anything from minor car damage, to death. With the possibility of multiple vehicles being involved, car accidents suddenly become harder to handle when it comes to insurance claims. Pile-ups create a confusing cluster of information and possible injury that is ultimately difficult to understand and act upon. Were you involved in a pile-up in the Los Angeles area? If so, you may need a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles CA to help you with your insurance claim, which if done correctly results in the compensation you deserve. At Pacific Attorney Group we understand how difficult it is to initialize an insurance claim. That is why we offer a free initial consultation to help you get your claim started.

How Weather Conditions Contribute to Pile-Ups

Low visibility can normally be connected to the cause of a pile-up, solely due to the fact that a driver does not have time to react to an accident up ahead. Therefore, an auto accident originally involving two vehicles can escalate into a Pile-Up before anyone can take control. Rain is also another key factor in pile-up accidents, as drivers do not recognize the slick conditions of the road. Once a driver engages the brake heavily, the car has the potential to slide uncontrollably into traffic surrounding it.

Determining fault in a pile-up can be difficult, but proper investigation is necessary so that all parties can receive the compensation they deserve. Our car accident attorney in los angeles ca pledge to conduct a complete investigation, and provide a lawyer that can work to determine how to help you pursue your insurance claim or lawsuit. Having full confidence in an attorney is important, and we will strive to deliver the compensation that you are entitled to.

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