T-Bone and Side Impact Collisions

A California Collision Lawyer Can Help

Lane changing is one of the most common ways to be involved in a side collision auto accident. Even so, intersections are also prone to side-impact car accidents that may occur from vehicles that run red lights. Side collisions can also be the cause of pulling out from a driveway, side street, or a left turn. Need assistance in a recent side collision in the Los Angeles area? A personal injury lawyer from our law offices may be able to give you the help you are looking for. We deal with accident cases all throughout the Los Angeles county area. Our attorneys have experience dealing with side-impact collisions, including those involving freeways, intersections, city streets, and rural areas.

Injuries Resulting from a Side Collision Crash

A side-impact collision may cause serious injury to the passenger or the driver of either vehicle. Not only will the vehicle that is hit in the side take serious damage but also, the person that is sitting on that side is at risk of a press or crush injury. In addition to the vehicle that is being hit, the driver and passenger of the vehicle that collides into the other vehicle can be at risk of spinal cord injury, whiplash and more. It is quite possible for all persons involved to sustain emotional and/or physical trauma. We understand that it can become troublesome dealing with insurance claims, medical bills and other financial difficulties. Find out how we can help you ease some of these problems.

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