Our Norwalk Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Norwalk CA is a mid-sized subdivision of LA with a population around 107,000. The city’s early history goes back to the late 1700s when the area was part of Spain’s Rancho Nietos. The land became part of the US when it was taken over in 1848. In modern times, Norwalk was the site of a Douglas C-118 and a P2V-5F mid-air collision in 1958.

This crash claimed the lives of 47 veterans and a civilian, and a commemorative plaque is still housed at the memorial building on a street corner there. But air disasters are not the only accidents that have happened in Norwalk. Every year people are either killed or injured in car crashes, and if you live in or travel to the city, you should hire a Norwalk car accident lawyer in the event of an accident.

Why You Should Hire Pacific Attorney Group Accident Lawyers?

You might think that if you were found to be at-fault in an auto accident, or didn’t have claims in your insurance policy covering various injuries that you aren’t entitled to any damage compensation. That simply is not true, and our Norwalk car accident lawyer team will fight to make sure you aren’t left shouldering the costs for accident damages and medical expenses. We review every case on an individual basis, and if you have all the information including photos, names of persons involved, law enforcement officer names, and all insurance company agents, we can help get legal work done to win a settlement for you.

What Kind Of Accidents Need A Norwalk Car Accident Lawyer?

There are many kinds of accidents for which a car accident lawyer Norwalk can help you win compensation for.

  1. Parked Vehicle Collision: Collisions with parked vehicles tend not to cause serious physical injuriea, but could still cause serious damage to vehicles.
  2. Rear End Collision: Rear end collisions can be a little more serious due to the impact that can cause the head or body to snap backwards, and at times the airbag to come out.
  3. T-bone Collision: These collisions can be very serious if your vehicle has been hit by a bigger vehicle coming at high speed. Vehicles hit in the side can be seriously damaged and can sometimes flip over. Usually passengers sustain much more serious injuries, or sometimes even fatalities.
  4. Head-on Collision: These collisions are the most fatal of all collisions, due to two vehicles that usually crash into each other while going at full speed. Serious injuries and death are often caused by head-on collisions.

Call Pacific Attorney Group’s Accident Lawyers

An auto accident can be a very traumatic and trying experience, but sometimes the greatest toll it can take on you is the medical expenses, or a serious injury that you have to live with for the rest of your life. When that happens, our Norwalk car accident lawyer team can go to work for you, and we won’t even charge you for your case unless we win. So call us today at 1-800-358-9617 if you’re ready to present your case.