Some Statistics on Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home facilities are meant to provide attentive medical care to elderly patients who are no longer capable of maintaining themselves. However, people may be surprised to learn that thousands of nursing home patients are dropped by nursing home staff each year. These falls can seriously harm or even fatally injure older patients, whose bodies are no longer as strong or quick to heal as they used to be. In fact, roughly 1,800 elderly patients die each year from nursing home falls, and between 10-20% of all nursing home falls result in severe harm to the victim.

The Risks of Nursing Home Negligence

Any time nursing staff are physically moving a patient, the patient is at risk of being dropped. Whether being lifted out of bed into a wheelchair, out of a wheelchair and onto a bed, or transported back and forth from a restroom, patients are often at the mercy of nursing home employees’ attentiveness. When these employees demonstrate negligence by dropping a patient, the patient and his or her family have the right to fight back. They can file a Los Angeles negligence lawsuit against the nursing home in order to seek damages for any pain and suffering the fall caused.

Victims of Nursing Home Negligence Should Consult a Los Angeles Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Because injuries caused by nursing home falls can often be very serious and can necessitate extensive medical care along the lines of surgery, broken bone repair, or stitching, nursing home negligence lawsuit cases can settle for considerable sums of money. Injured patients are eligible to collect compensation for their wounds, medical expenses, and any emotional distress they may have experienced as a result of the negligent acts of nursing home staff. The easiest and most effective way of obtaining damages for pain and suffering is to hire a Los Angeles nursing home negligence attorney who is knowledgeable about negligence laws and the claim filing process.

In the unfortunate event that a patient dies due to a nursing home drop, his or her family can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney. All patients and their families deserve proper representation, and Los Angeles personal injury lawyers from the Pacific Attorney Group have the skills and experience necessary to provide the utmost legal attention after a traumatic event such as a fall caused by nursing home abuse.

Contact a Los Angeles Nursing Home Negligence Attorney Today

Patients who have been dropped, as well as their family members, should move quickly to take legal action against negligent parties, because the California statute of limitations places a limit on how long after a fall lawsuits may be filed. Currently, nursing home abuse lawsuits must be filed within two years of a negligent incident. Once this deadline passes, injured parties lose all right to pursue a negligence claim. Thus, it is recommended that those looking to open a Los Angeles nursing home injury claim speak with a respected Los Angeles negligence attorney as soon as possible. Contact the Pacific Attorney Group today to speak with a lawyer who will evaluate your case and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.