Motorcycles and Helmet Laws

Motorcycles can be a very dangerous mode of transportation. The fact is that you not only have to watch what you are doing but you need to be aware of all the traffic around you. It is a fact that people do not see motorcycles, therefore the riders can be involved in very horrendous accidents often losing their lives.

If you are involved in a collision an accident attorney will be able to give you the information you will need to proceed if you decide to sue. Often the motorcycle has a manufacturing or design defect that has caused the accident. It is the manufacturer’s duty to duly notify any owner of a defective machine. The attorney should be able to give you links to the national safety recall resources for you to pursue.

Some of the resources that are available to the owner to contact are the American Motorcyclist Association, the Motorcycle Safety Program along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There are others also and an accident attorney would be able to help you contact these resources.

There are however safety precautions that the rider must take such as wearing a helmet. There are in some states mandatory helmet laws, and the resulting consequences if you do not comply. It is also a fact that wearing a helmet may save your life at some point. The wearing of glasses or goggles or a full-face shield is also considered a safety precaution.

These laws have at times been attacked on constitutional grounds, specifically in the way the law is worded in the statutes, but they have repeatedly been held as constitutional.

In some states that have the helmet laws, the law does not define the effect of what a violation may have on any decision made as to whether the rider was negligent. In these states, and in the states, that do not have the helmet law, the fact that the rider failed to wear a helmet does not have a determination for negligence, therefore leaving the case unsettled.

Therefore, if you are in an accident whether you were wearing a helmet or not, and you were injured your best recourse is to seek an experienced accident attorney to aid you in understanding how the laws in your area that pertain to wearing of a helmet. Understanding how these laws are stated cay possibly affect the outcome of your case and the money you may be due.

If you have a motorcycle has a defect either in the bike itself or any equipment that is being recalled for safety reasons, and this is even if you do not receive notification of this recall, the manufacturer has an obligation to fix the problem with no cost whatever to you.

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