In Valencia, California, a man was recently hospitalized when he tumbled from a water slide at a water park owned by Six Flags. The 19-year-old was at the top of the Venom Drop water slide, a large windy waterslide at the park. The platform was about 75-feet up in the air. The teen allegedly pushed passed the patrons who were waiting to get on the slide and jumped to the large slide. He chose to go head first on his stomach, rather than heading on his back, feet first, as was the protocol. The man was not cleared to go by the lifeguards, which is why he was not told how to slide down the slide.

Because he was riding incorrectly, the man lost his balance and topped over the thin edge of the slide. He landed on the pavement below with a bang. A witness says that just about everyone could hear the sickening crack as the teen hit the hard ground. The victim was unconscious when he hit the ground and was promptly transported to a local hospital. His name and condition have yet to be released. Six Flags issued a statement which claims that the teen forced his way through the crowd of people and onto the slide without being permitted to do so.

The park medical staff and local paramedics were immediately called to the scene and responded quickly in order to get the man the medical attention that he needed. Because the man was acting recklessly, there is a chance that he will not be able to seek compensation from the theme park for his injury. However, if the investigators can find that there was a mistake in the construction of the slide which allowed the man to fall over the edge, then he may have a case. If you have been injured in a water park or theme park accident, talk to a lawyer at the Pacific Attorney Group today for more information!