Personal injuries happen in all forms. Los Angeles personal injury attorneys work on thousands of different types of personal injury cases, aiding clients with various types of injuries. The role that the Los Angeles accident attorney plays in the recovery of the victim is claming damages from the negligent party that caused the accident. Unfortunately, dog bites are included in those types of personal injuries that Los Angeles accident attorneys work on. Dog bites occur more often than not, and they can inflict severe injuries and wounds, even requiring hospitalization and urgent medical attention. It is extremely important for people in Los Angeles to understand dog bite law, and the legal options a dog bite victim has if a negligent dog owner allows a dog bite to occur.

Who is liable in a dog bite injury?

Dog bites may occur at any place in which there is a dog. Even if the dog exhibits an overall passive demeanor, it can use its teeth in an aggressive manner at any point. If an owner walks his or her dog on a sidewalk or in a park, that owner is responsible for the dog’s actions. If the dog is able to get away from its owner and bite another party, that party has sustained a dog bite injury and the owner is liable. This scenario highlights the fact that a dog’s owner is always responsible in a dog bite injury.

Dog bite law in California is very strict. In several personal injury claims, a negligent party may work on a viable defense in his or her case, either lessening the amount of compensation he or she would pay the accident victim or negating responsibility completely. In the case of a dog bite injury in Los Angeles, there is no defense. Either on his or her own premises or in public, a dog owner must account for his or her own dog. If not, dogs may bite others and cause injury. The injuries that a dog bite victim can sustain are serious cuts and lacerations that can be infected if not properly treated. A dog bite victim should immediately seek medical assistance if sustaining a serious injury.

After seeking medical assistance, a dog bite victim should immediately contact a Los Angeles dog bite attorney. Under the strict laws of California, a dog bite victim has a very strong chance of receiving compensation. When a bite victim hires a Los Angeles dog bite attorney, that attorney will analyze the details of the accident and present a strong case against the negligent party. The dog bite attorney will then claim damages on the victim’s behalf, proposing a fair amount. Negotiations will be at a minimum due to the strict liability nature of dog bite law in California.

If you or a loved one has sustained serious dog bite injuries due to the negligence of the dog’s owner, contact the Pacific Attorney Group at once. They will represent you and acquire the compensation that you deserve.