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Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, bicycling may appear to be a safe means of transportation, but there are many dangers that come with riding a bicycle. Cyclists must deal with similar road dangers that drivers face, including road hazards, bad weather conditions, and drunk drivers. In addition, bicyclists may experience fatal collisions with larger vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and even 18 wheel big rigs.

When colliding with these larger vehicles, bicyclists have a likelihood of suffering from severe injuries and even death. When colliding with large, metal-made vehicles, bicyclists pose a small chance of suffering from just minor injuries. Most bicycling injuries result in: brain damage, spinal injuries, and fractures.

Being defensive and extra cautious is crucial when bicycling. But even so, accidents can still occur. If a bicyclist manages to dodge an oncoming vehicle, the bicyclist may accidentally swerve into property or a parked vehicle. In doing so, the bicyclist may obtain injuries or damage other property in the process.

Bicycle Equipment

Many bicyclists choose to wear helmets and elbow and knee pads. This practice does help to prevent injuries in minor accidents, but help very little when involved in major collisions with vehicles. However, it is extremely imperative to always wear a helmet and protective gear while bicycling in Los Angeles.

With protective gear, defects can occur and are sometimes responsible for inadequately protecting the bicyclist. A product can even cause more harm to the bicyclist just by being defective. When this occurs, a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can help you with any defective productive liability claims. The attorney will work to compensate you against the manufacturer.

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you were recently injured by a driver while bicycling, you should contact a bicycle accident attorney. Many bicycling accidents result in serious injuries that require medical attention and treatment. If your injuries required costly exams, medication, or surgery, you should seek legal counsel.

Bicycle injuries may result in time lost from work which is more than just an inconvenience, but a threat to a one’s livelihood. If your injuries are causing you future loss of income or affecting your close relationships, you should contact one of our Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys.

Our attorneys will work to get you compensation for any injuries or damages done to your bicycle. They will also work to compensate you for the physical suffering and pain associated with the injuries. Do not hesitate to contact us because you are afraid our services will be costly. If we decide to take your case, our attorneys will not charge you unless we win you your case. We will not get paid unless we can get you paid.

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