If you live in Southern California, chances are that you have seen billboards boasting that the Lap Band is the trick to thinness. The Lap Band advertisements encourage overweight men and women to contact 1-800-GET-THIN in order to receive the tools to embark on a weight loss journey. Yet for one sister, the lap band procedure was far from successful. An Orange County woman underwent Lap Band surgery in 2011 hoping that it would help her to lose the weight that she needed to bring back her confidence and health. Lap Band is an operation where patients are surgically implanted with a device that allegedly constricts the stomach and helps the patient to get full faster.

This Orange County Patient, Paula Rojeski, was not able to survive the surgery and died shortly after the medical procedure was complete. Her sister, Michele Pelter, has since started a lawsuit against the 1-800-GET-THIN campaign. She claims that they were responsible for her sister’s premature death. She claims that the company failed to warn her sister of the possible complications after surgery and neglected to recommend any other weight loss options to her. Pelter officially filed her lawsuit on September 7th in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

She has accused the anesthesiologist who was affiliated with the surgery of waiting 15 minutes before he advised a surgeon that Rojeski’s condition was worsening after surgery and they may want to take a look at what was wrong. The surgery center employees eventually called 911 and had their patient rushed to a real hospital, where she was declared dead. Rojeski is only one of the five victims that have died after a Lap Band surgery between 2009 and 2011.

The attorney representing 1-800-GET-THIN and the Valley Surgical Center claims that Rojeski had a heart condition from taking a weight-loss drug called fen-phen. Regardless, Pelter will continue to seek compensation for wrongful death in hopes that her lawsuit will shut down the Lap Band business or warn others of the dangers it presents. Talk to a personal injury lawyer today if your loved one has been victim to a dangerous and harmful weight loss procedure like the Lap Band. You can sue for wrongful death or medical malpractice as a result of the incident.