Road rage is generally defined as any act of aggression displayed by a driver. Although the cause of most road rage incidents is usually a simple misunderstanding between drivers, road rage can have deadly consequences.

Road rage can be triggered by almost any frustrating situation that arises on the road. We have all experienced hitting heavy traffic, being cut off by other careless drivers, or being stuck behind a driver going far below the posted speed limit. While these types of situations can be extremely aggravating, lashing out aggressively can often make things worse, and can even put your and others’ lives at risk.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid getting involved in a road rage incident. First of all, practice basic driving safety. Make sure you give other drivers enough room, signal when you switch lanes or turn, and focus your full attention on the road at all times. Secondly, give other drivers the benefit of the doubt. It is highly unlikely that a driver would intentionally try to cut you off or slow you down. All drivers occasionally make mistakes, so try to be understanding of others’ errors on the road.

Regardless of how safely you drive, however, there will always be aggressive drivers on the road. These hostile drivers are more likely than regular drivers to closely tailgate other drivers, flash their headlights at others, use obscene gestures, purposely cut others off, and verbally or physically assault others. If you notice a driver engaging in one or more of these behaviors, it is best to try to avoid the driver completely by moving out of his or her way, or by pulling over at the nearest police station or gas station to find help.

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