Do you Have a Farm Accident Injury Case? Our California Farm Accident Attorney Can Help You

The farming industry is one of the most hazardous industries in California. With heavy machinery, unpredictable livestock, exposure to chemicals, and long hours in extreme weather conditions, accidents on farms can be severe, leading to long-term disabilities or even fatalities. The medical bills, the loss of income during recovery, and the potential for permanent disability can be overwhelming. Having a California farm accident attorney by your side can make a huge difference in navigating the legal complexities after having suffered injuries in a farm accident.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) has set stringent regulations to ensure safe farm working environments. These rules cover everything from the use of protective equipment to the operation of machinery and the handling of chemicals. When accidents occur, understanding these regulations is crucial to determining liability and whether there has been a breach of statutory duty.

Common Types of Farm Accidents in California

California, with its diverse agricultural landscape and extensive farming operations, sees various types of farm accidents. Some common types of farm accidents in California include

Heavy Machinery and Tractors

      • Farm machinery is essential for modern agricultural practices, but it can also pose certain risks and lead to accidents. Some types of farm machinery that have been associated with accidents include:
          • tractors
          • plows
          • mowers and cutters
          • chainsaws and handtools
          • harvesters

These pieces of equipment are essential for modern farming but can be incredibly dangerous. Rollovers, entanglements, and accidental starts often result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Regular equipment maintenance, hazard assessments, and implementing safety protocols can help mitigate the risks associated with farm machinery and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Falls and Handling Livestock

      • Another prevalent type of farm accident is related to falls. Workers may fall from ladders, rooftops, or even through unstable floor surfaces, leading to broken bones, spinal injuries, or head trauma. Livestock-related incidents are another hazard, where workers can be kicked, bitten, or trampled by animals, especially in confined spaces or during handling.

Chemical Exposure

      • Exposure to pesticides and other chemicals used in farming can also lead to breathing problems, skin rashes, acute poisoning or long-term health issues. These chemicals can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin, causing a range of symptoms from respiratory distress to neurological damage. Each type of accident has its own set of legal considerations, and that’s where the expertise of a farm accident lawyer becomes indispensable.

These accidents can have long-reaching effects on the careers, livelihoods, and futures of agricultural workers. If you or someone you know has been affected by these injuries, workers’ compensation and personal injury benefits may be available to cover medical expenses and provide disability benefits.

Why Do Farm Accidents Occur?

Farm accidents can occur due to various factors and conditions inherent to agricultural work. Some common causes of farm accidents include:

      • Uneven terrain, operator error, and lack of rollover protection structures in heavy machinery and tractors.
      • Poorly maintained machinery can malfunction
      • Uneven surfaces, wet floors, and cluttered work areas
      • Inadequate animal handling techniques
      • Improper handling, application, or storage of pesticides 
      • Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight 
      • Failure to implement and follow safety procedures and protocols

It may appear that farm activities are not that dangerous but, the truth is every industry has its own set of dangers. Farmers and animal rearers need to be careful while executing their activities. You as a victim must take all the necessary precautions and adhere to safety protocols. Or else you may lose your claim or might get a reduced amount if the defendant proves the accident resulted from your negligence.

Protecting Rights and Seeking Justice With Our California Farm Accident Lawyer

The specialized knowledge of the agricultural industry and the laws that govern it is paramount in securing just outcomes for the victims. Farm accidents can lead to serious personal injuries, such as those resulting from heavy machinery accidents, chemical exposure, grain bin incidents, electrocution, and slip and fall accidents. For those who find themselves or their loved ones impacted by a farm accident, remember that you are not alone. Pacific Attorney Group is ready to assist you, with our California farm accident attorneys at the forefront, advocating for your rights and working tirelessly to ensure that justice is served.

We encourage you to seek a free consultation with our attorney and discuss your case, rights, and potential entitlement to compensation. This zero cost consultation can provide insights into the feasibility of pursuing compensation for farm-related injuries. We work on a contingency basis, so you need not worry about the fees. We wont charge you a penny unless we win.