Automobile accidents are horrific sources of injury, and one of the most common that occur in Los Angeles. Personal injury attorneys represent countless car accident victims every year, filing damage claims on their clients’ behalf. There are several causes of car accidents. Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent displays of negligence behind the wheel is drunk driving. Drivers who operate a motor vehicle while over the legal alcoholic limit are breaking the law, yet that does not deter the thousands of offenders. Drunk driving is a form of distracted driving, which limits the driver’s control over the vehicle and increases the chances of causing an automobile accident and injury to others.

Despite the strict law against drunk driving that is enforced, people under the influence of alcohol still take the risk and attempt to operate their vehicles while over the legal limit. The thousands of victims who survive car accidents caused by drunk drivers suffer serious personal injury. The personal injuries that drunk driving can cause are head and brain trauma, spinal chord damage, and burn injuries, among others.

What to do after being involved in a drunk driving-related car accident

If a victim suffers from injury due to an automobile caused by drunk driving, that person should contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at once. As is the case with every personal injury, there is a strong chance the accident was caused by negligence. In the case of an accident caused by drunk driving, negligence is always the cause. Negligence can be defined as one party’s failure to act with care for the people around it, which results in an accident in which the victim sustains injury directly stemming from the negligent accident. Drunk driving is a prime example of negligent behavior. The Los Angeles personal injury attorney will represent the victim and claim damages from the drunk driver in order to obtain compensatory damages.

Not every car accident caused by drunk driving results in injury. If the inebriated driver causes an accident in which the other driver suffers a fatal injury, then the family and loved ones of the deceased should immediately contact a Los Angeles personal injury wrongful death attorney in order to file a wrongful death suit. Death caused by this extreme form of negligence should not go uncompensated. Wrongful death is one of the most traumatic experiences a victim will suffer through, and hiring a Los Angeles accident attorney is the first step toward claiming damages and achieving justice.

Automobile accidents can happen to anyone at anytime, for various reasons. The injuries from which victims may suffer are already serious enough, and they should never be caused by the ineptitude and illegal actions of other drivers. If you have suffered from injuries caused by a drunk driver, call the Pacific Attorney Group at once, and claim the justice you deserve.