DPS Trooper Hospitalized After Phoenix Crash on Loop 202 and 40th Street; Kelly McNaughton Arrested

Phoenix Crash
<strong>DPS Trooper Hurt After Crashing into Car to Stop Wrong Way Driver in Phoenix<strong>

Phoenix, Arizona (January 10, 2023) – An Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper was hospitalized, and a wrong-way driver was arrested after the trooper crashed into the driver’s car Sunday night in Phoenix.

According to DPS, the incident occurred at around 11:30 p.m. on the westbound Loop 202 at 40th Street.

Authorities said the trooper tried to pull over a car, but the driver looped around and started driving the wrong way to evade the trooper.

The trooper performed a pit maneuver, where troopers tactically ram into a car to stop the other driver, often used in pursuits. When the trooper crashed into the other vehicle, the driver collided with another car.

The driver evading the trooper, identified as 52-year-old Kelley McNaughton, was arrested.

The trooper was hospitalized with minor injuries. The driver of the third vehicle was not injured.

Police found small bags of Methamphetamine and blue “M30” pills when they searched McNaughton’s car. She was expected to be charged with assault, criminal damage and drug offenses. Additional DUI charges are pending.

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