Personal injury from dog bite can be quite severe, painful and may leave physical and psychological scars. Victims of a dog bite should contact a personal injury lawyer promptly after the accident in order for the personal injury attorney to evaluate and assess the case at a very early stage.

California law protects the rights of victims via a specific statute. California Civil Code section 3342 potentially holds owners of dogs liable for injuries caused to innocent third party victims.

It is critical for victims of dog bites and animal attacksto immediately contact the police department and the animal control and file a report. Also a visit to the ER is necessary to receive appropriate medical evaluation, which may include an assessment for rabies.

If a scar is formed as a result of the dog bite a consultation with a plastic surgeon can be very helpful in determining the possibility of surgically undergoing a scar revision procedure. Additionally this will help your dog bite attorney to document the exacts dimensions and severity of the scar left by the offending animal, which is a very helpful piece of evidence in court.

The dog bite attorneysand personal injury lawyersat Pacific Attorney Group have assisted many victims of such accidents by finding the proper medical care for the victims, and securing an appropriate settlement of the case.