Covina Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Covina is a small city with a lot of people. In the 2010 census, the population of our town was 47,796. Do you know Covina’s slogan? “One Mile Square and All There.” This slogan was coined because the total area of our city was approximately one square mile. It is Engineer Frederick Eaton who named our town. He was impressed by the way the San Gabriel Mountains surrounded the vineyards forming a cove. So, he took the word ‘cove’ and merged it with ‘vine’ to get Covina. Covina houses the biggest movie multiplex in the county of LA. With the high number of residents in a small area; the number of accidents has increased.

How Pacific Attorney Will Assist You

Here at Pacific Attorney Group, we are well aware that accidents are common anywhere. Our firm serves the entire State of California. We are here in Covina too to ensure that you get the justice you deserve. So, have you or one of your family members been involved in an accident? You should seek legal advice. Our Pacific Attorney Group has enough lawyers to serve you all. Our attorneys specialize in defending accident victims. They have enough knowledge and experience through the many years of service in this field. We are the top personal injury lawyers in the state of California. We are ever at your reach twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

If you come to us, we will attentively listen to your situations and advise you on the measures you should take according to the nature of your case. The Pacific Attorney Group is made up of a team aggressive lawyers. We work tirelessly to ensure we win your case disregarding the type of opponent you are facing. In the current world, politics and unscrupulous individuals and companies think they can get away with anything.

You need knowledgeable and reliable representation. That is what we are offering you. Our firm deals with cases such as:
* Vehicle Crash
* Truck Accidents
* Motorcycle Accidents
* Bicycle Accidents
* Wrongful Death
* Brain Injury
* Dog Bites
* Work Accidents
* WC

Call Pacific Attorney Group

Call the Pacific Attorney Group on 1-800-358-9617 within the first 24 hours of the accident occurrence. We will immediately arrange a meeting to:

  • Help you access medical aid
  • Document your case
  • Take the right action

You can also visit the Pacific Attorney Group official webpage to get more information about us and the cases we handle. We have handled many personal injury cases with success. You can rely on our legal representation.