Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette were thrilled to be new parents, until they lost their newborn to a doctor’s ghastly mistake. During a February 2011 appointment, the couple were told that the baby would have to be delivered through a C-section because his abdomen was too big for the birth canal. When Arteisha went into labor during her 28th week of pregnancy, her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital where they were prepared to have an emergency C-section. Allegedly, the doctor who performed the birth insisted that Arteisha have a normal, vaginal delivery. She insisted that she wanted to have a C-section and the doctor refused. As he was trying to pull the premature baby from the birth canal, he disconnected the child’s head from its spinal cord.

Knowing that he had effectively killed the child, he shoved the baby back into the mother and performed an emergency C-section. When he pulled the child out of the mother this second time he tried to cover up the mistake and hand the child to the parents with the head severed. Arteisha also claims that the doctor performed the emergency C-section before the anesthesia had kicked in and she was left in agony has he conducted the rushed procedure. The couple is now seeking damages for wrongful death and negligence against the doctors who assisted at the birth and the Midwest Maternal & Fetal Medicine Services.

They also listed the Signature Medical Group as a defendant. The couple began their lawsuit in September and now hoped to merit millions after telling the court their horrible and saddening story. If you have been wronged by a doctor or experienced medical malpractice when giving birth to your child, then you can sue as well. Contact a personal injury attorney at the Pacific Attorney Group if you need representation on your medical malpractice case.