Complicated Autopilot Liability Issues and Accident Lawyers

Complicated liability issues are coming to light in regards to autopilot driving. Personal injury attorney recommendations should be considered before purchasing an autopilot vehicle. Anyone who has been in an accident or has experienced an injury due to a vehicle dysfunction should promptly contact an accident lawyer.

Autopilot Vehicle Accidents

A fatal accident in Florida involving a Tesla Model X vehicle is currently under federal investigation, and nonfatal accidents have been reported in China, Pennsylvania, Montana and Texas. Additional accidents involving autopilot vehicles will continue to raise questions about liability. Is the driver or the technology at fault?

On August 7, 2016, a Texas man crashed in a Tesla Model S. This is an automobile with an autopilot option. The driver, Mark Molthan, reported that his car was on autopilot when he reached into his glove compartment to clean the dash. The car unexpectedly failed to navigate properly, and it failed to take a bend on Highway 175 in Kaufman, Texas. The vehicle instead proceeded off of the road, striking a guardrail several times. The driver only experienced a minor injury with a bloody nose. He was obviously shaken and says the autopilot vehicle is extremely dangerous and mistakenly gave him a sense of security.

Molthan had previously used the vehicle multiple times in autopilot on that area of the highway. Why did the car miss the curve and drive directly into the guardrail? Even after striking the guardrail it continued to accelerate into the guardrail, according to testimony shared by Molthan. When asked if he was planning to seek compensation from manufacturer Molthan said no. However, the car’s insurance carrier may seek compensation from the manufacturer.

The vehicle was written up as totaled by his auto insurance carrier. The crash is still being investigated by the auto insurance company. Meanwhile, Tesla, says it is looking into the cause of the crash, which is still unknown. It does raise a serious concern for drivers of other vehicles on highways that autopilot vehicles are being driven on. This crash was not a fatal crash, but it does have the interest of federal regulators. Who should be deemed responsible for this accident? Semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicle accidents and injuries are creating unchartered insurance claim issues.

Tesla stresses that the autopilot feature on their vehicles is to assist drivers only. They must have their hands on the wheel at all times, and be prepared to pilot the car at any point. Once again the driver’s involvement is an important key to safety. If you are in an accident while driving a self-automated vehicle, or if your vehicle has been involved in a collision with a self-automated vehicle, contact an accident lawyer right away.

Personal Injury Attorney Rights
It is important to understand your legal rights pertaining to personal injury in a car accident. The laws involving accidents pertaining to autonomous vehicles are still in the works. Legal consultation is available to assist you in receiving compensation for injury, damages and loss that you have sustained in an accident of any kind. An experienced accident attorney will investigate the surrounding issues and help you to better understand your rights.