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Motorcycle Injury

Victorville California is an excellent place to own a motorcycle. The warm weather of Southern California makes it comfortable enough to ride all year long. They dry, desert climate of the particular area is another factor that makes a motorcycle fun to own. The infrequency of rain makes daily riding both possible and comfortable. Riding in the rain is both uncomfortable and dangerous so arid conditions are excellent for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Victorville Motorcycle Accident
1 Injured in Victorville Motorcycle Accident on 15 Freeway near Joshua Street

It Is A Risk

1. The trouble is that, even in the best conditions, motorcycles are dangerous for many reasons.
2. They are small. Being smaller than most vehicles makes them prone to greater damage.
3. Hard to see. The small size also makes them hard for other drivers to spot.
4. Slightly unstable. The two-wheeled design makes motorcycles less stable than most vehicles on the road.
5. Too much fun. Motorcycles tend to attract risk-takers.

All of these factors make accidents involving motorcycles common. Not only are they frequent but they can also be devastating. Accidents often lead to the death of the rider and those who do not die often end up with significant injuries. There is also the matter of the vehicle itself. A motorcycle rarely comes out of an accident, even a relatively minor one, without significant damage. Even when not totaled they will usually require significant repairs to get running again. The combination of medical and mechanic bills can add up quickly and break the bank.

Legal Rights

The one advantage that a motorcyclist has when it comes to experiencing a motorcycle crash is that they are rarely at fault. Generally, it is when another driver is not paying enough attention that they fail to see a motorcycle. These accidents happen easily because motorcycles easily disappear into the blind spots of other drivers leaving them unnoticed and at risk. Often, that will leave the driver of the other vehicle liable for the motorcycle injury and responsible for all of the associated bills. Unfortunately, it is often hard to get people to take responsibility for their actions and insurance companies rarely cooperate without a fight.

At the Pacific Attorney Group, there is an accident attorney who can help with your case. All it takes is a call to +1 760-773-6600 to set up a consultation. Our professional lawyers understand the joys of motorcycles and would be happy to help with your case in Victorville or anywhere else in California.

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