San Jose Trip & Fall Attorney

Injured in a trip & fall accident in San Jose?

Property owners, communities, and businesses are legally obligated to keep streets, sidewalks, driveways and other property safe. Unfortunately, sometimes business and property owners fail to live up to this obligation. Uneven pavement, tree roots, potholes, uneven or broken stairs, and unsafe railings are just some of the factors that can lead to a trip & fall injury. Trip & fall accidents can result in a variety of injuries, from minor scrapes and bruises, to broken bones and serious concussion. Sometimes trip & fall accidents can lead to permanent disability and can necessitate lifelong medical care and attention. If you have been injured in a trip & fall accident, your first move should be to contact a San Jose personal injury attorney right away to help you explore your legal options.

Trip & fall accidents can result in lost wages, extremely costly medical bills, high prescription drug costs, and other expenses. If you have been the victim of a trip & fall accident, you may be able to hold property owners liable for their negligence and receive financial compensation for your physical and mental suffering and injury.

Trip & Fall Lawyer in San Jose

If you have been involved in a trip & fall accident, you will require the aid of a determined and understanding group of personal injury lawyers to guide you with respect to every aspect of your case. With over 35 years combined experience, The Pacific Law Group is a knowledgeable team of legal professionals who want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. It is our firm belief that holding negligent parties accountable for contributing to trip & fall accidents is only right, and that is why we are committed to thoroughly researching your case so that we can ensure the best outcome possible and achieve maximum damage recovery for you and your family. Let us help you today.

Don’t let a trip & fall accident set you back. Contact a San Jose Trip & Fall Attorney today to obtain excellent representation.