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Traffic Accidents Involving Bicyclists in San Diego, California

Although far less common than other types of motor vehicle accidents, a bicycle accident may be extremely serious for any individual involved, particularly for the rider of the bicycle. The sheer size and weight of an automobile overpowers a bicycle and rider in the event of a collision, placing the rider at higher risk of injury, even if the bicyclist is wearing a safety helmet and other protective gear. In fact, even in a low-speed collision the bicyclist may suffer catastrophic injury.

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The benefit of acting quickly and retaining the services of a skilled personal injury attorney are virtually innumerable. Instead of having to deal with your insurance claim and the many other issues that will arise after your accident, you can focus on healing and spending time with your friends and family. In working with Pacific Attorney Group, you can rest assured that your San Diego bicycle accident case is in good hands. Your rights and interests will be protected to the fullest extent of the law, allowing you the best opportunity of recovering the full financial damages you may rightfully deserve under California personal injury law.

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Cruiser and Chopper Accidents

The pleasure of owning and riding a motorcycle far outweighs the risk associated with the possibility of an accident. For many riders, this is particularly true of their cruisers or choppers. These customized motorcycles are typically designed after classic American bikes of the 1930s to the early 1960s. Many owners put thousands of dollars and extensive time into their choppers, creating a bike that defines their unique style and needs. This is one of several factors that make cruiser accidents so difficult to deal with. The perceived value that an insurance company may assign to a cruiser may be significantly different than the true value of the bike, placing the rider at an extensive financial loss. In some situations, a cruiser is simply irreplaceable.

Working with an attorney who understands the true value of your cruiser or chopper is important. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are experienced in handling San Diego motorcycle accident claims and understand cruiser accidents in particular. If you are interested in talking to a lawyer with the experience and the resources to assist you with your case, do not wait to call us at 800-358-9617 and talk with a San Diego cruiser bike accidents lawyer. Your initial consultation is free, and always confidential.

Help for Cruiser Accident Victims in San Diego, CA

A cruiser is designed for long-distance rides with rider comfort in mind. As a result maneuverability is more limited on a cruiser than on a typical sport bike, which is designed primarily for power and performance. Unfortunately, along with the classic style of a cruiser may also come the social stigma of being considered a “dangerous” or “reckless” rider. This may place a rider at risk of being blamed for a motorcycle accident he or she did not cause, and is another reason it is so important to work with an experienced attorney.

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Bicycling in San Diego

Bicycling in San Diego can possess many dangers. While some may believe bicycling to be safe, bicyclists are prone to numerous threats on the road. From defective roads to hazardous driving conditions, bicyclists can be dangerously hurt as they also have less protection than drivers in vehicles. Therefore, it is absolutely pivotal for cyclists to be extra defensive and cautious while bicycling. A brief moment of inattention can prove fatal for a bicyclist at an intersection on a busy street.

When collision occurs between a bicyclist and driver, the results can be devastating. Bicyclists have little protection to guard themselves with. Helmets and protective pads may help in minor collisions, but fail to offer much protection in major collisions with multiple vehicles. Even just one vehicle colliding with a bicyclist can lead to fatal results.

Bicyclists stand a small chance against oncoming vehicles, driving at high speeds. Larger vehicles will do much more damage to a bicyclist. Unfortunately, larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and big rigs, have bigger blind spots so they have a harder time detecting surround bicyclists. Because of this lack of visibility, many bicyclists are unknowingly struck by truck drivers.

Unfortunately, injuries resulting from a bicycle accident are much more serious than normal injuries from vehicle on vehicle collisions. Due to lack of protection, when a bicyclist is struck, he or she has much graver injuries. These injuries often include brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and fractures. Often times, these injuries can lead to death.

There are numerous causes to bicycle accidents in San Diego, besides those caused by vehicles. For instance, a bicyclist is able to dodge an oncoming vehicle, but must swerve into a pole or pedestrian. Consequently, the bicyclist may still have suffered minor injuries. Additionally, a bicyclist can be harmed by defective bicycle products and equipment.

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney

Whatever the cause may be, you should contact a San Diego bicycle accident attorney if you have been injured by a vehicle, road hazard, or even a defective product. A bicycle accident attorney may be able to get you compensation for any injuries.

If you were recently injured while bicycling by vehicle driver and suffered severe injuries, you should file a claim with our office. Many bicycle accident victims experience disabling injuries that are permanent and painful. Do not suffer through this experience alone. If you are forced to receive medical treatment that is costly or undergo surgeries, contact one of our attorneys.

If your resulting injuries forced you to take time off from work and is causing a loss of future income. When calling that number you will receive a free consultation and be able to speak to an attorney about your legal options and rights.