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When an individual loses their lives through the negligent, dangerous, intentional or reckless action of another, it is likely that a wrongful death claim could be filed. These lawsuits have the purpose of seeking compensation for damages for the family that has lost a loved one through the actions of another. In some cases, the liable party could be a corporation, such as in cases when a death occurred due to a faulty or dangerous product. If you think that your loss came about through the negligence of another, it is critical that you contact an Oxnard personal injury lawyer to advise you how to proceed with your claim.

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At Pacific Attorney Group, the legal team has over 35 years collective experience in dealing with wrongful death claims. These cases are often complex and require extensive documentation. Some cases are obvious, such as when a death occurred due to a negligent drunk driver whose actions caused a vehicle crash that resulted in the death of a loved one. In other cases, such as medical malpractice or product liability, the corporation involved often takes action to contest the claim of negligence. They may enlist top attorneys to defend them. It is vital that you have an equally resourceful and experienced wrongful death lawyer to fight for justice in the case.

Every wrongful death claim has unique circumstances and evidence and should be thoroughly analyzed to determine how to best proceed. The legal team at the firm is extremely qualified and capable in dealing with complex wrongful death claims, and can advise you how the process works, and what to expect with regard to resolution in your case. Most wrongful death cases are settled prior to a trial, but some make it into the courtroom and knowing that the attorney representing your family is a creative and talented trial lawyer is vital. Act quickly as there is a statute of limitations restricting the time in which family members have the right to file a wrongful death claim.