Oxnard Bicycle Accident Attorney

About Bicycle Accidents in Oxnard, CA

Thousands of individuals choose to ride bicycles either for their health and wellbeing or as an easy and environmentally friendly form of transportation. Children ride bicycles as their main way to get around and the Oxnard area has a huge population of bike riders. Many drivers of cars, trucks and other vehicles are not careful with regard to bicyclists, and endanger their lives by failing to notice they are sharing the streets and roads, and in some cases, tragic bicycle accidents are the result. There are many fatal bicycle accidents in the Oxnard area, and other dangerous and life-threatening injuries come about through the negligence on the part of a car or truck. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, it is vital that you get legal representation from an Oxnard personal injury lawyer at once.

Compassionate Bike Accident Lawyer

The injuries sustained by the innocent bicycle rider can be devastating to the victim. As the bicyclist is unprotected other than a helmet, they often suffer broken bones, serious head injuries and crushed limbs. The injuries can be so severe that the victim may never return to the condition they were in prior to the accident, and some individuals may require a lifetime of medical care just to survive. Less serious cases still require medical care and may take weeks, months or longer to resolve the injuries. At Pacific Attorney Group, the legal team has assisted countless individuals to recover compensation for the damages suffered in bicycle accident cases. A bicycle accident lawyer from the firm is prepared to offer a free injury consultation to advise you how to proceed with a claim or civil suit related to the case.

Each case must be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated to determine what damages should be included in the claim for compensation. In some cases, the damages could include medical costs, nursing care, medical equipment, rehabilitation treatments, lost wages, future financial losses as well as pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life, depending upon the details of the case. Dealing with serious injuries is frightening and emotional for the injured and their families. Allow the bicycle accident lawyer from the firm to address the legal matters, and ensure that your rights are protected.