Oakland Bicycle Accident Attorney

Although bicycle accidents made up only roughly 7.5% of injury auto accidents in Oakland in 2008 (according to California Highway Patrol statistics) these accidents may cause serious injuries. The person most likely to be injured in a car versus bicycle accident or other collision with a motor vehicle will be the rider of the bicycle. As opposed to the occupant of the motor vehicle who is protected by thousands of pounds of metal, an airbag and a safety belt, the rider of the bicycle may only have a helmet as protection. Against a vehicle that may weigh thousands of pounds, the bicyclist has little to no chance of coming out of this event unscathed.

Have you been injured in an Oakland bike accident?

The injuries sustained in an Oakland bicycle accident are typically covered under personal injury law. A person who suffers injury because of another person’s conduct has the right to seek to hold that person responsible in civil court for their actions. In a bicycle accident, this will most often relate to the person’s negligence, which is a failure to act with proper caution or care. A driver may be talking on the phone and may therefore simply not see a bicyclist and may turn right directly into the cyclist’s path, causing a serious accident that leaves the bicycle rider with lasting injuries.

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