Construction Accidents in LA

Humans are, first and foremost, social animals. This includes not only our inclinations to be around one another, but also in our behavior. A big part of this behavior is our seemingly insatiable appetite for construction. Whether the economy is rolling along or contracting under recent pressure, it seems that people are always building something somewhere.
Of course, construction sites, more so than many other places of work, can be extremely dangerous, not only to the workers but to visitors, engineers and overseas. The phrase ‘hard-hat area’ comes directly from the designation set on construction sites while work is actively ongoing. In a large city like LA, with a dynamic and relatively wealthy population, there will be many building projects and construction sites, increasing the chances of an injury occurring on one of these sites.
Because of the materials and tools used at construction sites, injuries in these places can be particularly vicious. From carelessly used power tools to falling building material, the dangers range broadly. If you’re injured at a construction site, you should immediately seek the servies of an LA construction accidents attorney, to know your rights and work toward fair compensation.


At Pacific Attorney Group, we have over 35 collective years experience in personal injury law. We have three founding attorneys and over 18 associates, all of whom will work tirelessly on your claim or case, guiding you through the process of a Worker’s Compensation claim or bringing a lawsuit against the offending party. We believe in strongly representing our clients and fiercely defending their rights, and so we offer a free initial consultation to discuss the particulars of your situation. Additionally, we do not ask for legal fees unless we collect compensation for you.


We handle many kinds of cases regarding injuries sustained at a construction site in the LA area. These include:
Scaffolding Accidents
Ladder Accidents
Forklift Accidents
Dozer Accidents
Welding Accidents
Falling Objects
Crane Accidents
Construction Site Falls
Roof Falls
Equipment Malfunctions
Building Collapses
Compactor Accidents
Dump Truck Accidents
Excavator Accidents
Fires & Explosions
Saw & Cutting Blade Accidents
Nail Gun Accidents
Dangerous Work Conditions
Construction Site Supervisor Negligence
Defective Scaffolding
If you’re injured at a construction site in the LA area, please contact us immediately. It is important to know that you have rights and what they are, and that you are rightfully entitled to compensation for these injuries and the opportunities they cost you.

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