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If you watch television or read the news, you have probably seen the state and national campaigns that have been running for years to bring down the number of incidents involving drinking and driving. Even with these campaigns and harsh penalties against drunk driving, these accidents still occur at an alarming rate. At the Pacific Attorney Group, we want you to know that there is something effective that can be done to help the innocent victims of drunk drivers.

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an individual in our country is killed every 31 minutes by a drunk driver. The NHTSA has stated that every 2 minutes an individual is injured due to a driver that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In our state, prosecutors have a very high success rate in convicting drunk drivers. This does not, however, compensate you or a loved one who has been injured by a drunk driver. A skilled Irvine personal injury attorney from our firm can work with you towards the goal of recovering the maximum compensation for your case.

Has a drunk driver injured you or a loved one?

A drunk driving accident can cause injuries such as broken bones, hemorrhaging, spinal cord injury, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries and more. You may be left with medical bills that you can’t pay, future medical treatments, and rehabilitation. You may have been the major wage earner in your family and find that you can’t work now due to your injuries. Your enjoyment of life may be less than it was and you can experience mental anguish as the result of your injury. All of these very real problems should be compensated for.

Unfortunately, insurance company adjusters and attorneys have tactics designed to delay or diminish the amount of your claim. Sometimes they attempt to get a victim to quickly settle for an amount that is much lower than the full compensation they deserve. We know their tactics and how to combat them. We fight hard for the victims of drunk driving accidents, knowing that just compensation can help to restore a life.

If a drunk driver has caused injury to you or your family, please contact a personal injury lawyer in Irvine to find out how you can receive just compensation for your pain and suffering.

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