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In California, riding a motorcycle is a very popular and common means of transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycling can also be extremely dangerous and lead to numerous deaths and injuries. According to a study performed by The Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Governors Highway Association (GHSA), motorcycling accidents caused 4,700 deaths in 2009 alone. In addition, the California Highway Patrol reported that over 12,000 motorcycle collisions in California caused 429 deaths.

While many people enjoy motorcycling as a more affordable alternative to driving, it can be extremely unsafe. A motorcyclist has less protection compared to a driver in a passenger vehicle. Because of this lack of protection, motorcycle riders are much more likely to suffer severe brain and spinal injuries after an accident. Especially in collisions with larger vehicles like trucks and SUVS, motorcycle accidents can become fatal.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur often in California for a number of reasons. Some motorcycle accidents do not include other vehicles and take place due to poor road conditions or defects caused by the manufacturer. Even if your motorcycle accident does not involve other drivers, you should still contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Your motorcycle accident attorney can charge the property owner for a defective road or the manufacturer for malfunction of their products if they caused you harm.

Most often, a motorcycle accident takes place due to a negligent driver. Often, drivers tend to text or talk on the phone while operating their vehicle. Many drivers practice unsafe driving and are distracted by technology. Some drivers may hit a motorcycle if they are falling asleep at the wheel or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. If a driver injures you and is guilty of driving recklessly or impaired by a substance, you should contact a California motorcycle attorney.

California Motorcycle Attorney

A California motorcycle attorney will work to compensate you for any physical injuries and financial suffering caused by the accident. A motorcycle attorney will contact all witness involved and gather information about the accident. He or she will conduct investigations in gathering reports from the police and individuals involved to help build your case.

Our attorney will examine thoroughly to see what caused the accident. In some cases, a motorcycle accident reconstruction expert may have to investigate the scene and motorcycle to determine how the accident took place. Our attorneys will work to gather information that will benefit you and win your case.

Our California motorcycle accident attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and experienced helping many victims of motorcycle accidents win monetary retribution. If you have been injured riding a motorcycle, contact one of our attorneys. They will work to protect your rights and win you compensation.

California Motorcycle Laws

California Motorcycle Laws

California motorcycle laws must be followed for anyone who is interested in sharing the road with cars, trucks and pedestrians. California motorcycle laws may be reviewed at the California Department of Motor Vehicles website but there are some important LA motorcycle laws that everyone should be aware of before they take to the roads.

California Motorcycle Helmet Laws

One of the most important LA motorcycle laws includes a helmet law. In California, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without an approved helmet. This means that motorcycle operators must not wear “novelty” helmets. Helmets must contain straps that keep them attached to the head of the rider and must also fit properly.

California Motorcycle lane splitting rules

There are no regulations in California regarding lane splitting for motorcycle riders. Lane splitting may be dangerous, but it is not illegal. California motorcycle enthusiasts who are involved in an accident may automatically be considered at fault. If this occurs, contact a motorcycle accident attorney right away. They can help you protect your rights.

California Motorcycle licensing requirements

There are two classes of motorcycle licenses in California known as M1 and M2. M2 licensing allows riders to operate bicycles, mopeds and motorized scooters. M1 licensing allows the operator to drive a motorcycle, as well as other motorized vehicles covered under the M2 license. Holders of either license who are involved in any kind of accident on a California roadway should consider contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer to help protect their license (if they are found at fault) or to seek help if they are a victim.

Knowing when to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer is important if you are going to be driving the streets of California. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you make sure that you do not lose your operator’s license and can help protect you in the event that you were the victim of an accident involving any motor vehicle or a pedestrian.

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