Alexa-Xiomara Felix-Reyes Dies in Thermal Collision on 81st Avenue 

Alexa-Xiomara Felix-Reyes
<strong>Alexa Xiomara Felix Reyes Dies in Thermal Collision on 81st Avenue<strong>

Thermal, California (January 16, 2023) – Alexa-Xiomara Felix-Reyes, 26, of Thermal, was one of the five people who died in a crash involving a big rig in Thermal Saturday evening, according to the authorities.

The tragic incident took place shortly before 5:15 p.m. January 14, in the area of 81st Avenue near State Route 86.

Authorities said a Volkswagen Jetta was headed east on 81st Avenue when it entered the intersection of SR 86, directly into the path of a southbound semi-truck and was struck on its left side.

Alexa-Xiomara Felix-Reyes was the driver of the Volkswagen. All five occupants of the Volkswagen died at the scene.

The authorities are working to find out what caused the deadly incident.

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